• Ms. Allison Schaefer 
    First Grade Teacher
    This week September 16-20: In Reading, your children are going to be learning how to ask and answer questions from non-fiction text and how to use non- fiction text features. Math, we will be subtracting within 20 and learning how to use associative and commutative property of addition. Science, we will be learning about how a seed grows and the characteristics of a flower. The homework calendar below shows the work your children should do each day for homework. I have provided paper they can use to complete the assignments. Please turn in all homework by FRIDAY! Your children will also be having a reading log in their red homework folders. Please make sure you sign how long your child reads EVERY NIGHT. First graders should be reading to someone or be read to at least 15 minutes every day! This is very important! Also, do not forget to sign your child’s behavior log EVERYDAY. This log is in a different folder your child will bring home every day. Thanks so much! –Ms. Schaefer
    About Me: Hello! My name is Allison Schaefer, and I am first year, first grade teacher at Easton Elementary. I am super excited to be working with my amazing group of first graders this year. I graduated from East Carolina last May of 2013 and majored in elementary education. After graduating from college, I decided to move back to where I am from, Jamestown, NC. I was thrilled when I was able to land a job here in Winston- Salem because the school is not too far away from where I live.  
    Classroom Rules/Behavior Management: Students must follow classroom rules everyday and all day: 1. Make smart choices 2. Follow directions quickly 3. Use inside voices 4. Raise your hand to talk and leave seat 5. Follow directions quickly
    Our classroom uses a behavior chart, where students use a clothes pin, and students clip down if rule are not followed, and clip up when exemplifying good behavior. Students will start at GREEN (Ready to Learn) in the morning. Students can move up to purple (Great Job) and then pink (Super Student) when clipping their clothes pins up. If rules are not followed, students can move to yellow (Think About It), then orange (Teacher's Choice),  and then red (Parent contact). Students will bring home a calendar, where students color the specific color they ended up on on the calendar square at the end of the day. Calendars should be signed every day! Student will get a chance to visit treasure box at specific times after exemplifying their great behavior!
    Homework: In order to help your students be successful, it is crucial that your child reads for 15 minutes every night and completes their homework. Homework should take about 10 minutes per day and it is only assigned Monday-Thursday. However, please read EVERY NIGHT! Reading log needs to be initialed by a parent or guardian Monday-Thursday as well. All my students have a red folder that they will take home Monday- Thursday that includes a calendar that displays the homework for each day.
    Contact: If you have any questions or want to schedule a meeting, please email me at amschaefer@wsfcs.k12.nc.us, or call me at the school: 336-748-4063.