• Mrs. Tiera Peete
    Exploring Life Skills & Exploring Career Decisions
    Phone: 336-703-6733
    Email: tspeete@wsfcs.k12.nc.us   

    Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year! I hope you had a wonderful summer break. I am excited to begin this amazing journey with returning and new students. 
    Exploring Life Skills, student will have the opportunity to learn life management skills by exploring career-related opportunities and the productive use of skills in the workplace. Social, human relation skills, and communication skills are emphasized, along with factors that influence personality, self-concept, and personal image. Students plan snacks and meals for personal and family wellness, create apparel, and understand personal finance.
    Exploring Life Skills II , students further explore resource management, nutrition and wellness, personal and social responsibility, and fashion and appearance.
    Exploring Career Decision is designed to provide an orientation to the world of work. Students are introduce to the technical nature of today's world and the role of productive workers. Activities enable student to increase self-awareness and make wise education and occupation decisions as they plan for careers. The formal career development planning process often begins within this course. 
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