Walkertown High School

    Wolfpack Agenda

    2016 – 2017



    5240 Sullivantown Rd. 

    Walkertown, NC 27051 

    Phone: 336-703-4151      Fax: 336-595-1372
    Student Services    Phone: 336-703-4152





    Student Handbook





    Inspiring passion, purpose, and potential


    The Walkertown High School community strives to provide a climate of mutual respect, to promote high expectations for all and to empower our students to become global citizens.  Our students will set goals, welcome challenges, and achieve success by thinking creatively, critically, and independently.


    Administrative Staff

    Student Services Staff

    Dr. Jay L.  Jones, Principal  

    Office: Main Office

    A. Maria Watkins (A-E), Dir. of Counseling

    Jon Williams(P-Z) , Assistant             Principal Office: Room 118

    Adam Carter (F-M), Counselor

    Misty Walker(H-O), Assistant Principal     

    Office: Room 210   

    Stephanie Glasgow (N-Z), Counselor

    Tammy Johnson(A-G), Assistant Principal

    Office: Room 318

    Johnnie Johnson, Data Manager


    Counseling Center Phone:  336-703-4152



    Dear Walkertown Students and Parents,


    Welcome to Walkertown High School, home of the “Wolfpack”.  It is indeed a pleasure to welcome all our returning students and our new students to the 2015-2016 school year! The teachers and staff at Walkertown are committed to providing high quality educational opportunities for all students within a setting that nurtures academic, social, and emotional growth. Our goal is to challenge students intellectually, grow them socially, and guide them toward independent thinking and problem solving. As we strive to promote healthy development in all aspects of each student's life, we also strive to develop a student body of good character; students who make good choices and decisions resulting in successful and healthy outcomes. We encourage students to demonstrate the best of themselves every day and to make positive contributions to the groups and organizations to which they belong. We strive to instill within Walkertown’s student body a sense of personal pride as well as collective pride for our school.


    The mission for Walkertown High School is to provide students with a productive learning environment that encompasses high expectations for each student.  Learning is a shared responsibility involving parents, students, teachers, and community members.  Together we will provide a successful environment, which enables teachers to teach and students to become lifelong learners. Our mission is not only to educate each and every student, but also to better prepare him or her for the world beyond Walkertown High School.  In order for all children to succeed at the highest levels of their potential, we believe a strong relationship between the home and school is necessary.  We encourage parents and community volunteers to take an active role in our school. We believe that when the community and school work together, high expectations for student achievement will be attained.


    Please take time to review the handbook as we have placed valuable information inside for you.  In addition, please visit the Walkertown High School Home page by going to http://wsfcs.schoolwires.net/whs On this page, you will find links that we will provide to keep you updated on activities that are taking place at Walkertown High School. In addition, each Sunday night at 6 pm you will receive a phone call from me keeping each of you updated on events that are taking place at Walkertown High.  I will also provide this information on the Walkertown High School homepage. You can also sign up for the School’s Remind 101 account which will allow you to get updated information from me throughout the week. To sign up text @whs542 to the number 336-554-7432.  These instructions can also be found on our WHS homepage.


    We look forward to working with you this school year and invite each of you to join us for a great year.  Remember each one of you is special to the Walkertown Family.  We need you to help make Walkertown the best high school in Forsyth County.




    Dr. Jay L. Jones



    Walkertown High School adheres to all school board policies, state policies, and regulations as outlined in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County 2015-16 Student-Parent Handbook.


     Daily Schedule                                                                      

                    Daily Schedule(M, T, Th, F)                                                                         



    Bell to go to class


    1st Period

    8:55 - 10:25

    2nd Period

    10:30 – 12:00

    3rd Period

    12:05 – 2:05


    1st 12:05 – 12:30

    2nd 12:50-1:15

    4th Period

    2:10 – 3:40


     Daily Schedule(Wednesday only)   



    Bell to go to class


    1st Period

    8:55 - 10:15

    2nd Period

    10:20 – 11:40

    Student Advisory


    3rd Period

    12:20 – 2:15


    1st 12:20-12:45

    2nd 1:05-1:30

    4th Period


    Early Dismissal Day Schedule         



    Bell to go to class


    1st Period

    8:55 – 9:55

    2nd Period


    3rd Period



    1s t11:00-11:25

    2nd 11:45-12:05

    4th Period



    2 Hour Delay Schedule (including lunches)



    Bell to go to class


    1st Period

    10:55 – 11:55

    2nd Period(Includes Two Lunches)



    1st 12:00-12:30

    2nd 1:00-1:30

    3rd Period


    4th Period




    Career Center Early Dismissal Schedule                                Career Center Transportation For Early Release:

    8-10:40 (AM Periods 1-4)                                                             AM students will leave from Career Center at 10:40

    11:40-1:10 (PM Periods 6-8)                                                         PM Students will leave from home school at 11:05








    A.   LOCKERS

    Each student will be assigned a locker for use during the school year. Lock rental, set by the Board of Education, is 50 cents. The lock rental fee is collected by the Student Advisory teacher; he/she will issue the lock and locker to the student after the fee is paid.  All students are urged to keep all materials and books in the lockers. Students are expected to keep lockers neat and orderly so that materials can be found quickly and easily. If a student loses his/her lock, he/she must pay $5.00. The student is also responsible for any damage to his/her locker. A student is responsible for any writing appearing on his/her locker.



    The PTSA is a national organization in which parents and faculty members may hold membership. There are meetings throughout the school year. The general objectives of the PTSA are to promote the welfare of youth, to raise the standard of home life, to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of youth, to bring the home and school into a closer relationship, and to develop between educators and the general public a united effort to secure the highest possible advantages for every student. The PTSA Board meets every 3rd Monday at 5:30 in the front office conference room.



    Students who are at Walkertown High School and live out-of-district must adhere to the following criteria: 1) exhibit exemplary conduct; 2) comply with the system's attendance policy; 3) must pass at least 75 percent of his/her courses. If a student does not meet these criteria, he/she may be reassigned to his/her residential school at the end of the year. 


    D. CHILD NUTRITION: The board recently approved the meal prices for the 2016-17 school year as advised by the Paid Lunch Equity (PLE) tool required by the USDA annually This year the prices will be


    Breakfast: -

    Elementary - $1.90

    Middle  - $2.00

    High  - $2.10


    Elementary  - $2.70

    Middle - $2.80

    High - $2.90

    Reduced price all levels: $.40




    1.    Report cards will be issued after each of the four nine-week periods.

    2.   Progress in a subject is indicated by letter grades as follows:

    A-Superior performance (90-100)

    B-Good performance (80-89)

    C-Satisfactory performance (70-79)

    D-Poor performance but passing (60-69)

    F-Failure (below 60)

    3.  Final Exams

    ●     final exam will be given in all courses for grades 9-12. Students in grades 9-12 must take the final exam in all classes in order to get course credit.

    ●     Where end-of-course tests are available, they will count as the final examination. There are no exemptions from end-of-course tests or common exams.

    ●     Exams will count 20% of the final grade.

    ●     The final average is determined by counting coursework 80% and the final exam counting 20%.

    ●     With administrative approval, missed exams should be made up promptly at the end of the semester.

    ●     All information regarding test procedures may be obtained from the testing coordinator, Dustin Haley.


    Report Card Distribution Schedule         

    1st Quarter                          Monday, November 7th                               End of Quarter

                                                    Wednesday, November 16th                     Report Cards distributed


    2nd Quarter                         Friday, January 20                                            End of Quarter

                                                    Wednesday, February 1st                            Report Cards distributed


    3rd Quarter                          Thursday, March 30                                        End of Quarter

                                                    Friday, April 7th                                               Report Cards distributed


    4th Quarter                          Thursday, June 8                                                              End of Quarter

                                                    Monday, June 19th                                         Last date to mail report cards


    ●     Promotion from Grade 9  =  5 Credits (Units)

    ●     Promotion from Grade 10  = 9 Credits (Units)

    ●     Promotion from Grade 11  =  15 Credits (Units)




    1.   Class rank, based upon the class, is used to determine honors and awards. It is primarily used by college and university admissions officers; it should reflect the academic quality of a student's high school work in relationship to the work of his or her classmates.

    2.   Class rank is based on a student's average quality points per unit of work taken.

    3.   Rules for determining class rank:

    ●     Class rank shall be computed at the end of each semester.

    ●     The computation will include quality points earned from grade 9 to the time when the ranking is compiled.

    4.     The computation will include all quality points or grade points earned from grade 9 to the time when the ranking is compiled. Grades for all courses shall be used in computing both the quality point and grade point average. The quality point average will be the total of all quality points earned divided by the number credit units taken. The grade point average will be the total of all grade points divided by the number of credit units taken.

    5.   Students will earn PASS/FAIL grades for credit-recovery courses. The PASS/FAIL grade and the previously earned F will both be recorded on the transcript. Students will no longer earn grades of A-F for credit-recovery courses taken through summer school and/or Odyssey.

    6.   Students who repeat a full-course during the standard school day (not deemed credit recovery) will earn grades A-F and this grade will be recorded on the transcript. In such cases, both the original grade and the “re-take” grade will appear on the transcript and both grades will be used for GPA and class rank purposes.

    7.   Grades earned in pre-approved correspondence courses, courses at the Career Center, Main Street Academy, or "credit" courses taken at Forsyth Technical Community College in accordance with the "Dual Enrollment Policy" shall receive a quality point value determined by the High School Division.

    8.   Courses taken in another school system will be evaluated by the counselor enrolling the student, subject to the approval of the Principal. The appropriateness of the course for meeting state graduation requirements, unit value, and curriculum level may be determined by course syllabi and/or the level of courses the student is registering for in this school system. A copy of the student's official transcript from the previous year must be retained as part of the cumulative record.



    1.   Class rank shall be recorded and reported in descending numerical order from the student who earned the highest quality point average (QPA) to the student who earned the lowest quality point average. Both quality point and grade point class ranks will be recorded on the transcript.  Only quality point rank is recorded on the transcript.

    2.     Class rank will be computed using two methods. Two ranks will be issued to students, one based on quality point average (QPA) and one based on grade point average (GPA).

    a.   Quality Point Average Method (Weighted) Courses are weighted in figuring quality point average and calculating class rank. Quality points will be awarded for grades as specified in the chart below.

    b.   Grade Point Average Method (Unweighted)

    Final grades in all courses (special education, basic, regular, academically demanding,  honors, and Advanced Placement) will be interpreted on a 4-point scale:


    Unweighted (GPA)

     Letter Grade




    Grades: 9-12




















    Weighted (QPA)

     Letter Grade




    Grades: 10-12




















    New in 2015-16 weighted (QPA)

    Letter Grade




    Grades: 9th only




















    Rank will be determined by dividing the total number of grade points earned in grades 9-11 by the number of courses attempted yielding a grade point average (GPA).  The student with the highest GPA will be ranked highest in the class.




    Course drop/adds can only be carried out through the Office of Student Services via the appropriate counselor; a student must not expect to be dropped from a course by not attending the class. The possibility of granting drop/adds is limited by the availability of classroom space, student needs and graduation requirements. Therefore, any course dropped must be replaced by another course.


    Cumulative Absences and Denial of Course Credit:        

    According to School Board Policy AR 5110, Section V, if a student in grades 6 through 12 is absent from school or any class five (5) times (three (3)for the Career Center) during a grading period (whether or not the absences are excused, prearranged, unexcused, or unlawful), the teacher shall notify the Principal’s office and the Principal or a designee shall notify the student’s parent, guardian or custodian the student’s absences have become excessive.





    There is no substitute for uninterrupted instructional time in the classroom where learning experiences are carefully planned by the teachers. Even though students may make up class work missed because of absences, they will not be able to replace the educational, cultural, and social contacts which they would have experienced through face-to-face instruction and class participation. Students with good attendance generally demonstrate higher levels of learning than those with poor attendance.

    1.         By law, regular, punctual, daily attendance is expected of all students under the age of 16.

    2.         Absences Classified:

    a.       Excused: Absence is excusable only for the following reasons:  personal illness, accident, serious illness or death in the immediate family, dental or doctor appointments, court proceedings, educational opportunities, and religious observances.

    b.      Unexcused: In accordance with the Compulsory Attendance and the Attendance Regulations adopted by the State Board of Education, an unlawful absence (sometimes referred to as an unexcused absence) is defined as "a child's willful absence from school without the knowledge of the parent, or a child's absence from school without cause with the knowledge of the parent."

    c.       Pre-arranged Absences: Upon the request of a parent or guardian, preferably made in writing and in a reasonable period of time in advance of the absence, the Principal may excuse a student's absence for a good and substantial cause in addition to those listed in "A" above, with one exception: secondary school students may not be granted "prearranged absences" for any cause other than those listed in "A" above during the last ten days of the school year.

    d.      School Related: A student shall be recorded present for any day that he is present at a place other than the school with the approval of the Principal for the purpose of attending a school activity which has been officially authorized under the policies of the board of education of the school administrative unit. This may include field trips, athletic contests, music festivals, student conventions, and similar activities

    3.         If a student is absent from school for any other reason, it is necessary to give prior notice to the school and obtain advance assignments.  The notice must be in writing from the parent or guardian.

    4.         The principal has the authority to determine the legitimacy of any absence.

    5.         When returning to school from an absence, the student is required to bring a dated written excuse from the parent or guardian giving the exact reason and date of the absence.  Absentee excuses must be submitted to the main office.  All absences are considered unexcused until a note is brought from home, signed by a parent or guardian.  The absence will be coded unexcused if a note is not received within three (3) days of the absence.

    6.         Ms. Slayton will give the student a note (excused/unexcused) for the classes

    missed. The student will be responsible for showing the note to his/her teachers at the next class meeting. 

    7.         If a student must leave school during the academic day, the student must be signed out of school in the office by a parent/guardian or a designee of the parent/guardian.  If a student drives to school he/she needs to bring a note to the office before school, signed by a parent/guardian with phone number to verify that student is allowed to checkout.  Student must report to the office to sign out before leaving.

    8.         A student that is absent only in the morning must get an admit slip from the office before he/she can be admitted into his/her class.

    9.         If a student is signed out before 12:15 PM and does not return to school, the student will be counted absent.  Therefore, a written excuse will be necessary.

    NOTE: The above is a summary of AR5110.



    1.   Students are responsible for making up all work missed due to absences from school. 

    2.   The student is expected to check with his/her teachers upon returning to school to find out about all missed assignments.  The student is responsible for making arrangements with his/her teachers to make up work either at home or after school.

    3.   A key element to any effective attendance policy is the provision for make-up work following an absent period. Make-up work may be assigned when a student is absent, regardless of the reason for the absence (excused, prearranged, unexcused, or unlawful). Make-up work may be specific material missed by the student during the absence or it may be of an enrichment or reinforcement nature.

    4.   "Make-up" procedures shall be established that will benefit the student and comply with instructional goals of the teacher and the school system.

    5.   Make-up work is expected to be completed promptly. Credit received for make-up work will be considered in computing the student's average for the particular grading period. Make-up assignments must be completed at the teacher's discretion but the make-up period should not exceed 10 school days.

    6.   A parent or student may request make-up assignments for an absence of two or more consecutive days. Contact Student Services at 703-4152.

    7.   If a student is expected to be confined to his/her home and/or hospital for a period of four or more weeks due to an injury, illness, or to other disability, the student's parents or guardians should be referred to a guidance counselor as soon as possible to obtain the service of a "homebound teacher."

    8.   In accordance with Board policy 5110, make-up work will be completed promptly.  Student will have one (1) day to complete make-up work for every one (1) day absent.  Grades assigned to make-up work shall be considered in computing the student's overall grade for the particular grading period.  Failure of a student to satisfy make-up requirements can be the basis for denying credit for a specific course.

    9.   Students placed under suspension by an administrator will be responsible for any work missed during such suspension.  Responsibility for completing all make-up work rests with the students. Make-up assignments do not have to be the same as the work that was missed.

    10. Failure to complete assignments will result in the student not receiving credit on each neglected assignment.



    Students and teachers are focused on strategies to maximize learning and increase communication with the home.  Homework assignments are directed toward developing independent inquiry and self-study as well as long-range project work.  The amount of time needed to complete homework will vary day to day.  Honors level courses, special projects and test preparation may require more time.                                                                                                                                                     If your child is absent from school for two or more consecutive days, we encourage you to contact your child’s teacher either by email or phone to get the required makeup work as well as check for assignments on the teacher’s website.  You are also invited to contact the counseling office at 703-4152. Assignments will be ready in the front office to be picked up by 4 pm the day after the request has been made.



    It is the policy of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Board of Education that students may not leave the campus of the school to which they are assigned during the normal school day without prior approval of the Principal or the Principal's designee as explained in Closed Campus policy 5131.2.


    ●     Requests for early dismissal from school are to be submitted to the attendance secretary prior to 8:50 a.m. the day of the request. All such requests must bear the signature of the parent or guardian and the telephone number where a parent or guardian may be reached, in order to verify and approve the early dismissal prior to the student leaving school grounds.

    ●     Any student who has an approved note requesting to sign out of school early will show the note to his/her teacher of the time he/she needs to leave class.

    ●     Leaving school without signing out is a violation of school board policy and will be treated as a skipping offense and leaving campus without permission.

    ●     Students are not allowed in the parking lot except when arriving and leaving.  This is an unauthorized area and is off limits to students during the school day.


    Note: Please limit the number of times your child checks out of school as they will be missing valuable instructional time.  It is very difficult to teach your child when they are not at school.



    Students traveling to the Career Center either by car or bus must sign in and out at the front office upon arrival and departure from campus. Students traveling mid-day to the Career Center may only attend one designated lunch period at WHS, and must depart for the Career Center immediately after.



    Students are expected to attend school regularly in order to achieve academic success. If a student has more than five (5) absences from a class during any quarter (10 per semester), he/she may receive a grade of F. If the student is absent or expected to be absent for three (3) or more consecutive days (regardless of whether the absence is due to illness, accident, or some unusual circumstance), it is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school and explain the causes of the absence. Questions concerning excessive absences will be referred to an administrator.







    Students are to report to all classes as assigned.  Class cutting is a serious matter and disciplinary penalties will be handled through parent contact and in-school suspension.



    Anytime a student leaves a class (example: restroom, water fountain, etc.), is called to the office, or goes to the media center, he/she must be in possession of an appropriate hall pass. If a student is out of class without a hall pass, he/she will be escorted back to class.



    The faculty, staff and administration at Walkertown High School believe that a student’s dress and grooming has an effect upon their attitude and behavior.  Disruption of the learning environment by the presence of unorthodox dress and grooming will not be permitted.  The classroom is not the proper place to display outlandish, distracting, or inappropriate grooming and dress fads.  Primarily the 1st period teachers will monitor dress and grooming and all teachers are charged with the responsibility of enforcing student dress code in their classes, hallways and within campus boundaries.  A student may be referred to the office at any time during the school day for advisement of attire.  The following list will be a guide in determining appropriate/inappropriate student dress on campus.  It is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian that the student adheres to the dress code as follows:

    Students may NOT wear any clothing, jewelry, or accessories with decorations, patches, lettering, advertisements, and etc., that depict:

    ●     alcohol

    ●     weapons

    ●     nudity

    ●     sex

    ●     drugs

    ●     obscene language/graphics

    ●     sexual innuendos

    ●     offensive messages/profanity/violence

    ●     inappropriate slogans

    ●     satanic themes

    ●     tobacco products

    ●     gang membership/gang affiliation (AR 5131.4) 

    ●     Students may NOT wear any symbols, styles or attire frequently associated with gangs, intimidation, violence or violent groups about which students at a particular school have been notified as described in AR 5131.4

    ●     Shirts & Blouses

    ●     Must have sleeves that cover the shoulder (no racer backs, tank tops, spaghetti tops, tube tops, halters or crop tops). No cleavage should be visible.

    ●     All shirts/blouses must cover top of the pants or skirt at all times (no skin showing at any time)

    ●     All shirts, sweaters, blouses, tops, and dresses must cover both shoulders and underarm and may not expose the midriff, lower back or chest.

    ●     A male’s shirt should cover the entire shoulder. No tank tops or shirts with cut off sleeves.

    ●     No fishnet, mesh, transparent and/or see-through material may be worn.

    ●     Dresses, skirts, shorts and skorts must rest below the student’s mid-thigh. (The hem must be below the student’s fingertips.)

    ●     Pants

    ●     Pants may not be worn with holes above the knees which allow skin or undergarments to show

    ●     Excessive baggy pants are not permitted.  Pants are to be secured at the waist, not worn below hips (sagging) and not restricting movement or exposing any undergarments.

    ●     Leggings, skinny jeans, dance pants and tights or the like must be covered by a top or bottom that is below mid-thigh in length (The hem must be below the student’s fingertips).

    ●     Pajamas, loungewear, or clothing that depicts sleepwear or loungewear (example: flannel pajama pants).


    ●     Shoes will be worn at all times.  Bedroom slippers are not allowed.

    ●     No fronts or grills may be worn during the school day. 

    ●     No undergarments of any kind (bras, boxers, etc.) should be visible.

    ●     Spandex shorts or pants or tight sweatpants are not to be worn.

    ●     Pants or skirts that have been torn or altered with openings/holes must be worn over leggings.

    ●     No sunglasses may be worn in the building.

    ●     Rosaries worn to school may not be visible at any time.

    ●     No headgear may be worn unless approved by an administrator.

    ●     No hair curlers, doo rags, headbands, or bandanas may be worn.

    ●     No hats may be worn inside the building during the school day. 

    ●     Blankets are not allowed in school.


    Consequences(subject to change): A student in violation of the dress code will receive the following consequences: 

    1st offense: Verbal warning and changing or adjusting of clothing

    2nd offense: Written warning and changing or adjusting of clothing

    3rd offense: Parent Contact and changing or adjusting of clothing

    4th and 5th offenses: After School Detention/Parent Conference

    6th and 7th offenses: In School Suspension/ Parent Conference

    8th or mores offenses: Out of School Suspension/ Parent Conference


    Walkertown High School believes it is important that students “adhere to standards of dress and appearance compatible with an effective learning environment when attending school” (Policy 5131.4, C, 1).  If a student is not in compliance with the WSFCS dress code, an administrator will require the student to change or adjust his/her clothing in order to meet the dress code standards. Where possible, the school will provide a change of clothing to those who violate the dress code. If no clothing is available, the student must return home to change in to clothing that adheres to the dress code.  If the student is unable to return home to change clothing, he/she will go to ISS.  Any prohibited item can be held for release to parents/guardians.  







    1.   Driving to school is a privilege for 1lth and 12th graders.  Tenth graders will need to get special permission from administrators.  Students wishing to drive to school and park on campus must obtain permission and a parking sticker.  A $100.00 motor vehicle parking fee and a $15.00 automobile registration fee will be charged (Total of $115).  The student must present an automobile registration card and his/her driver’s license to receive a parking sticker, and parking permit form signed by parent and student (available in main office).  Parking stickers must be displayed on the front window of the vehicle.

    2.   Students must leave their vehicles when they arrive at school and not loiter in the parking lot.  Students may NOT return to their vehicles during the school day without permission.  Students must park in those areas designated as student parking.

    3. The school board has directed that the administration has the right to search any student’s vehicle when there is reasonable suspicion that school rules have been violated.  Any student failing to adhere to this policy will lose the privilege of parking on campus.

    4. Students arriving late to school may have their driving permit revoked for a period of time determined by administration.



    Students will be dismissed each day at 3:40 PM.  Upon dismissal, students are to go to their lockers and immediately leave the building.  Car riders must be picked up by 3:50 PM for safety and supervisory reasons.  Student drivers must leave the parking lot by 3:50 PM



    Students arriving after 8:55 AM, must report to the attendance office with a parent/guardian OR provide a valid note from a dental/medical appointment or classroom teacher. Students who fail to sign in to school or who cannot provide a valid excuse for lateness will receive an unexcused tardy.



    Walkertown High School strictly adheres to WS/FCS Standards and Policies regarding the

    "Acceptable Use of Internet and Websites" (see AR 6161.1 on the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools website).

    ●     WHS is not responsible for any cell phones, pagers, or electronic devices brought to school by a student. Students bring these items at their own risk. Security of such items cannot be guaranteed.  Walkertown High School students may use cell phones and headphones between classes and for educational purposes, at the teacher's discretion. Students must not cover/plug both ears with headphones in the hallways. During the school day if a phone rings, or if a student uses or displays an camera, cell phone, iPod, etc.,  in any part of the building other than the cafeteria or the hallway, the item will be confiscated by a teacher or administrator. A parent must pick up the property as it will not be released to the student.  A discipline referral will be made the third time any combination of these items are taken from a student.  Inappropriate use of an electronic device will be considered a Level I offense.  Music that is heard by others in the hallways and the cafeteria is not allowed.  

    ●     Students shall not bring food or beverages into the classrooms.

    ●     Failure to give proper identification will result in out-of-school suspension. When requested, students must identify themselves, answer reasonable questions, and follow directions of staff members. This includes giving name and correct spelling.

    ●     Students are not permitted to sit in cars that are parked on campus. Students may visit parking lots only when arriving and departing from school in private vehicles. At any other times, written permission from an administrator is required to be in a parking lot.

    ●     When students travel in a group to represent the school, they will go and return by the same mode of transportation, unless express permission is granted by the principal. Such permission would be granted only after parental contact is made by the principal or designee.

    ●     Signs or posters should only be placed on approved areas throughout the building and must be removed immediately after the event has taken place.

    ●     Students should not bring playing cards in the classroom or on campus.

    ●     No public displays of affection.



    ●     We discourage social visitation.  Students wishing to bring visitors to school must request permission from administration at least 1 day in advance.

    ●     Parents and patrons of the school are encouraged to visit classrooms, assemblies, and special events during the school day.

    ●     Students are not to bring preschool children to school for any purposes unless it is approved by the principal.

    ●     If you are bringing your child lunch, please inform them to come to the front office and pick up their food. We will not interrupt class time to have your child come to the front office to get food. 




    Students will not be allowed to leave class to use the telephone except for emergencies.



    All fundraisers must have prior approval by the principal. It is not permissible to sell any item on campus for outside agencies such as churches, scouts, etc. Items such as candy may not be sold during the school day unless approved by the administration.



    1.   See Ms. McCoy to request a withdrawal form.

    2.   See Ms. Rice to discuss and pay any possible fees.

    3.   Return lock to Wolf Time advisor.



    Students who remain for an after-school activity must report to the sponsor of the activity no later than 3:50 PM.  No student or group may be in the building or on campus after 3:50 PM without adult supervision.  Each group sponsor is responsible for staying with students from 3:50 PM until all members of that group are safely on their way home with parents, family, or the activity buses.



    Students will be informed of all fees and charges owed, including lost textbooks, library books, locks, planners, etc. at the end of each grading period.  If a fee or charge has not been paid, or arrangements have not been made for payment, that student may not be allowed to:  purchase school spirit wear or photographs, participate in athletics, or participate in extra-curricular activities. (Board Policy 3250-Fees are at the end of this handbook)





    ●     Fire drills and other emergency drills are required in order for all students and faculty to practice safety protocols in the event of an emergency situation.  These drills must be treated by students with the utmost gravity and respect.

    ●     Each room has specific assigned areas in emergency drills.

    ●     Students should move to the assigned area with their class in a quiet, orderly manner.  Students will return in the same manner.

    ●     Each student should pay close attention to the directions of the teacher and follow all directions immediately.



    ●     Students and parents are responsible for becoming familiar with the behavioral expectations as outlined in the WS/FC School District Guidelines for Student Discipline and act accordingly.

    ●     Lockers and desks are the property of WS/FCS.  Students may store their books, papers, clothing and other personal items in them.  Students may not place any prohibited substance or anything that may be a fire hazard in a desk or locker.  Students shall keep their locker and desks in a neat, clean and orderly manner.  The school reserves the right to inspect the contents of lockers and desks at any time.

    ●     Students are expected to respond respectfully and promptly to any request or directive made by a staff member. 



    1.   Students are to report directly to their buses immediately upon leaving the building.

    2.   No food, drink or candy is allowed on the bus.

    3.   Remain seated at all times until it is time to exit the bus.

    4.   Keep arms, hands, etc. inside the bus.

    5.   Talk quietly.  No profanity.

    6.   Sit in the seat assigned by the driver or administrator.

    7.   No horseplay, verbally or physically.

    8.   Students needing to ride a different bus home must submit to the office a written note from the parent requesting permission to ride a different bus.  This note must include:  date, signature, bus number the student is requesting to ride, and destination.  This note must be submitted at the beginning of the day as an administrator’s signature is necessary.

    9.   Students must exit their bus at their assigned stop unless they have a signed note by an administrator.


    Bus Misconduct Consequences:

    Level I and II violations may result in suspension from the bus only.

    Level III or higher violations committed on the bus will result in an out-of-school suspension.

    1st Offense:  verbal warning

    2nd Offense:  3 day bus suspension

    3rd Offense:  5 day bus suspension

    4th Offense:  7 day bus suspension

    More offenses may result in the loss of the privilege to ride the bus.



    A student must have a Driving Eligibility Certificate to receive a North Carolina Driver’s Permit or License.  The certificate certifies that the student has demonstrated adequate progress in school.  Adequate progress is defined as passing 3 out of 4 classes per nine weeks for the previous two nine-week terms.  Adequate progress is evaluated twice per year (January and June).  If a student already has a driver's permit or license and drops out of school or does not maintain adequate progress then the students permit or license will be revoked.  If you have any questions, feel free to call Ms. Bailey at 703-4152.




    ●     ASSEMBLIES: Assemblies are a regularly scheduled part of the curriculum and, as such, are designed for educational as well as entertaining experiences. They provide one of the few opportunities in school to learn formal audience behavior. Regardless of the type of program, courtesy demands that the student body be respectful and appreciative. Talking, whistling, stomping of feet, and booing are discourteous. Yelling is appropriate only at Pep Rallies.


    ●     ATHLETIC PROGRAM: Walkertown is a member of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association and Northwest 1A Conference and is governed by rules and regulations of eligibility and participation set up by those organizations. Walkertown competes in football, basketball, baseball, track, cheerleading, cross-country, wrestling, swimming, golf, tennis, soccer, volleyball, and softball. These programs are open to all who meet eligibility requirements, and final selections for the teams are made by the coaching staff. In order to participate, a student must have a physical examination and completed athletic participation paperwork.




    1.   To participate in high school interscholastic athletics, you must meet requirements set by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association, as well as rules established by the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Board of Education. To qualify under state rules, you must:

    ●     Have no more than eight consecutive semesters in attendance nor more than four seasons of participation in any sport since entering grade 9;

    ●     Be under 19 years of age on August 31;

    ●     Have passed 3 out of 4 courses on a block schedule or 5 out of 6 courses on an A/B day schedule in the previous semester;

    ●     Have a medical exam once every 365 days;

    ●     Have a medical release if you missed five or more days of practice because of illness or injury;

    2.   To be eligible to participate in high school athletics, you must:

    ●     Earn a 2.0 QPA (Quality Point Average) the previous nine-week grading period;

    ●     Be absent no more than 10 days (excused or unexcused) per semester.

    ●     Students may request waivers of the policy for hardship reasons.

    ●     All ninth-graders are eligible for participation during the first nine-week grading period. If you are a ninth-grader and do not have a 2.0 QPA at the end of the first or any subsequent grading periods, you will be placed on academic probation. If you participate in a weekly tutoring/remedial program (Academic Support Program (ASP)), you will keep your eligibility during the remainder of the school year.  If a student fails too many classes during the spring semester of their freshman year, they will not be eligible in the beginning of their sophomore year.  Also, all grade levels have a chance to participate in ASP, however, everyone other than freshmen only get 2 consecutive quarters (freshmen can have 3).

    ●     NCAA athletic requirements can be obtained from Student Services.


    If you have any additional questions, please refer to the Athletic Website or contact Tim Hagmann, Athletic Director, at 336-399-6138.



    The Office of Student Services comprises the following staff (counselors work with students according to the first letter of their last name):


    Counselors                                                                  Guidance Support Personnel

    Mrs. Maria Watkins, Director          A-E                 Ms. Karen Bailey, Executive Assistant

    Mr. Adam Carter                              F-M                Mr. Johnnie Johnson, Data Manager

    Mrs. Stephanie Glasgow                  N-Z                 Ms. Karen McCoy, Registrar


    A.    The school counselors provide individual counseling related to a variety of emotional, social, and academic, and career issues. They frequently collaborate with other professionals such as the school social worker, school nurse, and school psychologist in order to assess students' needs in a comprehensive manner and for the purpose of effective and efficient response to student concerns. The school counselors desire to help students develop their talents and interests via the academic experience while gaining an understanding of themselves. In addition to offering individual counseling, school counselors advise students regarding course selections, promotion standards, and graduation requirements while assisting with post-high school planning and preparation. Resources in Student Services include college applications, college guidebooks, financial aid applications, scholarship search tips, information on a wide variety of careers, and SAT/ACT registration packets. Students may visit the resource area before or after school and during lunch.

    B.     The Office of Student Services operates from 8:15 a.m.-4:00 p.m. each day; students see their counselor by appointment except in emergency, crisis situations, or during lunch. Students are welcome to drop by the counseling office to make an appointment to see a counselor during class change, before/after school, or during lunch.  This should not be done during instructional time. Parents should call the office to make an appointment when they want to meet with their child's counselor or if they would like to schedule a parent/teacher conference. Parent/ teacher conferences are held at 8:15 a.m. or at a time mutually agreeable between parent and teacher.

    C.      Parents may also call the office to request work if their child will be out of school for more than two days.

    D.    Students and parents are encouraged to obtain the most up-to-date information regarding requirements, course registration, college and career preparation, special opportunities and programming by visiting the Student Services pages on the WHS website and following us on our twitter account: @WtownSvcs.

    E.      Beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, all students will be required to attend WOLFtime (Working On Learning Forever) advisory period once a week. All students will be assigned a staff member who will mentor and advise the student throughout their enrollment at Walkertown High School.







    VIII.     WHS Media Center Policies

    Our media center seeks to promote and support 21st century teaching and learning in our school community.  The following policies are designed to ensure that all students are served in the best way possible:

    ●     The media center is open Tuesday and Wednesday, 8:00 a.m-4:00 p.m.  and Monday, Thursday and Friday from 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

    ●     Students are required to have a pass from their teacher if they need to work in the media center during normal class periods.  Student who are not with a class are required to sign-in and sign-out on the sheet at the circulation desk.  Computers are reserved for academic work.  Media staff will assign computer work stations based on availability.

    ●     The library is open most days during lunch for students who need to study or use media materials.  Students need a library pass (issued prior to lunch by a teacher, media staff, or main office secretary) in order to leave the cafeteria to work in the media center during lunch.

    ●     Students are expected to work productively and be respectful of others in the media center.

    ●     Food and drink are not allowed in the library at any time.

    ●     Cell phones and personal earbuds/headphones may not be used in the media center at any time.

    ●     Books are checked out for a period of two weeks and may be renewed.  Students must bring their books to the media center for renewal. Students with overdue books may be limited until their account is in good standing.

    ●     Most reference books are used in the media center and classrooms.  Special arrangements for overnight check-out may be made as needed.  Magazines may be checked out for overnight use at the end of the school day and must be returned by 8:45 a.m. the following day.

    ●     Students are allowed to print one copy of their own academic work.  Students should request permission from their teacher or the media staff before printing in the media center.  Students should proofread their work, take notes, and make corrections in order to minimize printing as much as possible.  Students are expected to give proper credit and use materials following copyright guidelines.  PowerPoint documents should be printed as 6-9 slide handouts, not as individual slides.

    ●     Computers may not be used for personal communication, playing games, or accessing inappropriate sites. Violation of this policy may result in the loss of log-in privileges.  Students should keep their password information secure.



    Since all information may not be available when this goes to print, the administration at Walkertown High School reserves the right to add, modify, or delete as needed. Written notification of changes will be provided to the students and parents prior to the changes taking effect.