• Jack Everett Moss
    Mathematics - Foundations of Math I; Algebra I/Math I ; Discrete Math
    Email : jemoss@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Phone Number : 336-703-6776
    Fax : 336-922-1752
    Tutoring Hour:  7:45am to 8:45am
    Students may come for extra help or make up assignments they missed when absent from class.
    Hello parents and students.  My goal is for this site to support classroom instruction by providing a daily pacing guide that will outline information and problems covered in class.  As a student or parent, you will have access to all my inclass notes (Mimio instruction slides in pdf format), Vocabulary Sheets, Homework , Unit Worksheets, and course information guide.  Parents, I hope you will find this site usefull in keeping up with your child's due dates.  Students, I hope you will use this site to keep you more organized and pull off notes, worksheets, and future quizzes.

    Good luck this sememster.......

    Expectations for Students

    1.  All students can learn.  This basis for instruction starts with the foundation all students can and will learn math.  Successfull completion of Math I, II, III is a requirement for graduation in the state of NC.  All student will achieve an 80 or higher in Class and EOC.

    2.  All students will be prepared to learn.  All students are expected to come to class everyday with all necessary materials such as pencil, paper, graph paper, notebook, calculator, and homework.

    3.  All student will be attendence.  Students will be expected to be in class and ready when the bell rings to begin class.  Students that are tardy or absence will miss important instruction that will make them successfull in class.

    4.  All students will be expected to give their best effort.  The school, teachers, students, community, and parents are all judged on the acedemic performance students have on the Standardized State Test at the end of the semester.  More importantly, the more our students learn and develop their capacity to learn, the more opportunities and choices will be afforded to them after graduation from high school.

    Tests - 50%
    Worksheets/Classwork - 25%
    Quizzes - 25% 

    Final Grade
    80% - (Average of 1st and 2nd 9 Weeks )
    20% - (EOC Exam)
    Required Materials for Class Use
    Three Ring Binder
    One 100 page spiral notebook
    Notebook Paper - College Ruled
    Graph Paper
    TI 83+ or TI 84 + Graphing Calculator
    Pen or Pencil
    IF you would like to donate some boxes of tissues and hand sanitizer.
    Classroom Rules
    Follow directions
    No food or drink
    Always be prepared and on time for class
    Respect others