The Wonder of Learning
         Hello and welcome to our Griffith Parent Involvement Website.  At this site you will find articles, tips, events and activities that will assist you in having an even greater impact on the lives of our children here at Griffith.  Together, parents, staff and students can accomplish much to develop and maintain a positive influence on our entire community.  As the Parent Involvement Coordinator, I invite all in our community to feel a vested interest in the welfare and future of our students.  If you desire to volunteer at Griffith Elementary, please take time to visit the Parent Tab on our school's website or the Parent/Community Tab on the WS/FCS main website for more information and directions.  Visits, comments, donations and time given to our children by adults and businesses in our area is truly a wise investment in the future!  Working together, may we all have a Happy School Year!! 
    Mrs. Bessy Garcia
    Parent Involvement Coordinator
    Griffith Elementary School