science fair  

    Getting Ready for the Lewisville Science Fair

     What?  The 2017-18 Science Fair




     Why?  To be scientists and practice the scientific process



     Science Fair Tips!

    It is time to get ready for the Science Fair on                              .  It will be here before you know it.....
    What is a Science Project?
    A science project is based on observation, investigation, and scientific thinking.  The best
    project is one that interests the investigator (the student).  It is investigating a question that
    involves research, planning, and applying the scientific method to seek an answer to the question.
    How to Select a Science Project?
    When deciding on a topic to investigate, ask these questions:
       What topic interests me?  What is a question for which I would like to seek an answer?
       Is this question too difficult for me to solve?
       What materials will I need?  Does this problem require sophisticated or expensive materials?
       Is the problem a safe one?
       Is the problem valid?  Will it be possible to obtain results from this investigation?
       Is the problem significant in today's society?
    When Choosing a Project Title?
    It is best to state the title in question form, such as, "What are....,"  "How is...," or to use
    such phrases as:  The Effects of..., An Investigation of...., or The Observation of...
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