• MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TURNED IN YOUR TEXTBOOKS AND ALL MAKE-UP WORK! You cannot graduate with a debt or a failing grade. I have given you ample opportunities and reminders of both of these facts; it is now your responsibility to get these items to me -- no matter what it takes -- before graduation so that you can get your diploma.
    Congrats, Class of 2014!
    It has been an honor to teach you.
    Rachel Noel
    English IV (Regular and Honors); AP Literature & Composition

    Welcome to the final leg of the 2013-2014 school year at Ronald W.Reagan High School. I hope you’re as eager as I am to see your seniors succeed! I will be at the helm of your student’s English classroom experience, one I hope to enrich with a lot of critical thinking and even more community.


    English IV, better known as British Literature, will cover a gamut of great classics written by British authors. This includes novels and poetry, as well as dramas and short stories. We will be enriching these pieces through the study of writing, vocabulary, spelling/grammar, film, and supplemental nonfiction articles. (For information on AP classes, please see the AP section to your left.)


    I have included a general guide for what your student will be reading throughout the semester. We will remain flexible as a classroom, but this is an outline of what to expect:


    The Canterbury Tales


    Paradise Lost


    Lord of the Flies


    If you have any questions or concerns, or simply want to get to know your student’s teacher, please contact me. I am excited to start this new semester with your student!