• Name: Katrina Davis 
    Subject: Technology Education
    Technology Education is designed to help North Forsyth students develop an appreciation for and understanding of technology through the study and application of materials, tools, and processes of the past and present. This series of courses allows students to apply knowledge, tools, skills, and insights to the solving of problems found in communication, manufacturing, structural, and transportation systems. Students learn about and from technology, by applying abstract ideas and concepts of mathematics, science, language arts, and social studies. Through this integrated study of technology, students develop an understanding of the importance and role of technology in our society.
    Career and Technical Education programs also offer opportunities for students to learn through different approaches. Students who may not be motivated to write, conduct research; or, those who do not see the need to understand physics concepts may be motivated to do so if the course content is automotive electric car competition. Some students may not have an interest in chemistry until they understand that the reactions they study have practical applications in cosmetology and medical technology. Career and technical education reinforces academics through applications. Students are able to see first hand why academic courses are relevant to everything they do.
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