• Name: Senorita Kiger
    Subject: Español
    Contact info: kekiger@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
                      Whenever sending an e-mail, please include your student's name and class period.
     Class Rules: Students are expected to bring all materials to class with them every time we meet.  Students must follow school rules for behavior and conduct as well as classroom rules.  While in the Spanish classroom, students are expected to remain seated unless given permission to move through the classroom.  Students should raise their hands to be recognized and are expected to actively participate in classroom activities and discussions.   
             *Come in quietly, sit in your assigned seat, and start your warm-up each day
             *Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called on
             *Have the previous night's homework on your desk ready to be checked
             *Respect you classmates, you classroom, and your teacher at all times
             1. Warning
             2. Warning and student/teacher conference
             3. Parent phone call or e-mail
             4. After school detention
             5. Office Referral
    Materials: Composition notebook, folder with prongs, gule stick, dictionary (optional)
    Homework and Makeup Work: Students are expected to turn in any homework the next time the class meets.  Late work witll have ten points deducted for every day it is late. 
             Students who have an absence will be allowed two class meetings to make up missed work from the last day missed.  The work will be due on the third time class meets after the absence.  Students are responsible for requesting work they missed and turning it in on time.
             Since we have an A/B day rotation, time for makeup work will be determined by the number of class meetings rather than number of days.
             Ex: If you missed Monday's class, you will have Wednesday and Friday to ask for and makeup the work.  The work would then be due on the following Monday.
          Classwork - 30%
          Homework - 30%
          Quizzes/Tests - 30% (tests will count twice)
          Projects - 10% 
    Tutoring and Re-takes:
    If a student would like extra help outside of class, I offer tutoring most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays until 3:00pm.  I need to know at least one day in advance so that I can ensure that I do not have another responsibility that day such as a meeting.
    I do offer students the options to retake any quiz or test they feel like they can do better on.  The students should study before they retake the quiz/test and I will put the second grade into the gradebook (better or worse).  This should NOT be used as a way to see the quiz/test first and retake it after the student has seen it.  Each student should ALWAYS do his/her best the first time.  Retakes can be done on the same days as tutoring and should follow the same procedure.
    Extra Credit Opportunities:
     Students have the opportunity to do extra credit throughout the year.  There are many choices on PHSchool.com which I have listed on the "Helpful Websites" tab.  There are also activities on quizlet.com and StudySpanish.com which are also listed on the "Helpful Websites" tab.
    I am always available to accept feedback and invite you to contact me without hesitation should you have a concern.