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    Katye Welborn  
    Year 1- Math
    Room 227
    Paisley School Phone Number: (336) 703-4168
    Team Mogo Mogo
    YEAR 1 Mathematics
    We need: glue sticks, pencils, rulers, notebook paper.
    Tutoring Day: Wednesday!!
    Students must have a note from a guardian each Tuesday that gives them permission to stay on Wednesday for tutoring. Students will not be able to call to make arrangements on Wednesday to stay for tutoring.
    Grade Break Down
    Classwork/ Interactive Notebook 30%
    Homework 15%
    Quiz 25%
    Test/Project 30%
    Grade Scale
    A  90-100
    B  80- 89
    C  70 - 79
    D  60 - 69
    F  0 - 59 
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