Welcome Year 1 Scientists!
    Name:  Mrs. Katie Castrovinci Gioello
    Subject: Year 1 Science
    Team: Mogo-Mogo 
    Classroom Expectations:
       Use lab safety expectations during experiments and group assignments
       Be mindful and respectful of other classmates/teachers
       Bring necessary supplies and INB to class daily 
    Grading Policy:
       Homework: 10 %
       Tests/Interactive Notebooks/Projects: 35%
       Classwork/Labs: 40% (labs will count 2x classwork assignments)
       Quizzes: 15%
    We will use the Winston Salem/Forsyth County grading scale listed below:
       A = 100-90
       B = 89-80
       C = 79-70
       D = 69-60
       F = 60 and lower 
    Science tutoring is available afterschool for students on Tuesdays from 2:50 PM - 3:50 PM. A parent permission note/email is requested at least a day in advance in order for students to stay after.  Students must be promptly picked up by 4:00 PM.  Please see the following attachment to know more about what's expected from students and parents in regards to tutoring (this letter was sent home via Wednesday packets during the first week of school for the 2015-2016 year): Tutoring Letter 
    Class Overview
    Students will learn the following topics this year in Sciences
    Forces and Motion (1st Quarter)
    Matter, Properties and Change (2nd Quarter)
    Energy Conservation (2nd Quarter)
    Earth in the Universe (3rd Quarter)
    Earth Systems (3rd Quarter)
    Structures and Functions (4th Quarter)
    Ecosystems (4th Quarter)