• Kathleen Brown
    First Grade - Room 112
    Contact info: krbrown2@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    The students have been doing a great job each day showing responsibility with their homework and reading. Please continue to have your child read each night on their reading bag books and also the fluency practice passages. Reading practice is crucial for continued growth and improvement with reading. Thank you for your support at home to help them with their responsibility. We will be doing our "Mid year" assessments in reading near the middle and end of January. Each day as school the students are working diligently to improve reading skills and comprehension. 
    I know everyone's family will be busy during the winter break. We will be off from school for two weeks so please continue to take time for your child to read during the break. When we return from school we will only have a week or so before the mid year assessments will begin. I truly appreciate all your support at home so we can all work together for the success of your child. 
    Thank you,
    Mrs. Brown
    Daily Schedule
                                                          8:05 -  8:30        Arrival and morning work
                                                          8:30 - 11:30       Core Instruction (Language Arts/Math)
                                                                   11:30 - 12:00      Lunch
                                                                   12:15 - 1:00        Specials (see schedule below)
                                                                   1:00 - 1:30          Math/Language Arts
                                                                     2:00 -  2:30       Science and Social Studies
                                                                     2:30 -  2:50       DEAR reading time
                                                                     2:50 - 3:15        Dismissal
    Specials Rotation:
    Monday - Science           Tuesday - Art        Wednesday - Guidance         Thursday-PE          Friday - Music