• Name: Alexis Callender
    Subject: American History & Civics and Economics  

    STATE TESTINGAll students must take a state-assessment at the end of the semester.  In addition, WSFCS requires students to take local assessments twice during the semester.

    GENERAL CLASS RULES: In addition to the regular school rules and regulations, that are stated in the Ronald Reagan High School Code of Conduct, an atmosphere of common courtesy between students and teacher will be maintained. 

    §  Respect for peers, teachers, and the classroom. 

    o   This should be a safe place for learning and we will not tolerate bullying, inappropriate language, or any form of disrespect. Common courtesy toward the teacher and other students.  This means that you are allowed to disagree with other student’s opinions, but you will not attack them personally (this includes any type of name calling, teasing, harassing, etc.) nor their thoughts on any topic in class.  Diversity is encouraged, not attacked.

    §  All work is due at the start of the class. 

    o   Students should place work in the basket.  Work turned in at the end of class is considered late. Any class work not completed during class is homework. 

    §  No food in class.  Bottle water or drinks are allowed.

    §  Students should be prepared to start working when the bell rings.

    o   Door busters are done each day during the first 5 minutes of class.  Do not be late because you cannot make them up.

    In accordance to the school rules, cell phones may not be visible unless authorized by teacher.  Misuse of any cell phone will result in its confiscation. 
    The phone will be turned into the office and a parent may need to pick up the phone.

    §  We cannot all talk at the same time.

    o   If excessive talking by students prevents the planned lesson, then I will use the alternate assignment.

    §  Keep the classroom clean and organized

    o   We will do a lot of group projects and activities in class that require re-arranging.  Students should make sure that the classroom is returned to its original set-up.


    Projects 25 %     Class work/Homework 25 %        Test 25%              Quiz 15%              Participation 10%


    Ø  Projects grades include unit projects or special assignments.

    Ø  Class work/Homework can include worksheets given in class or writing assignments.

    Ø  Each unit will have a test or quiz.  See curriculum overview for more details.

    Ø  Quiz grades include pop quizzes on reading assignments and door buster assignments given in the first 5 minutes of class.

    Ø  Participation grades include movie time, class discussions, group activities, individual lesson activities, and review games. 

    Things that deduct from participation points

    §  Working on materials from other classes

    §  Cell phone usage

    §  Not watching films or sleeping in class

    §  Not taking notes

    §  Excessive talking

    §  Excessive absences or tardies

    §  Not following classroom rules

    §  Not having materials

    Absent students can make-up participation points by getting notes for the day and completing any activities with a 2-3 paragraph reflection essay. 


    §  Notebook paper, pencils/pens, textbook(class set provided), 3 ring binder

    o   Textbook: You will not need to bring your textbook with you to class unless my classroom set disappears.

    §  Art supplies: color pencils, markers, construction paper, etc (not required but helpful)


    Students will be expected to come to class on time and prepared – please refer to the procedures above.  Students are expected to function effectively individually, in small groups, and within the class as a whole.  Homework is due at the beginning of each class period.  No homework will be accepted after the grace period, unless an absence has occurred.  Please note that some class work/homework assignments will not be accepted late.  Remember that turning something in is better than not turning in anything at all.


    No make-up allowed for Door buster quizzes.  Student must be present to receive bonus points given during review games for test.  No word banks allowed on make-up test.  Make-up test or quizzes may include essays.

    To prevent the student from falling behind, all allowed make-up quizzes and tests will be given before or after school by the teacher, and must be completed in that within one week of the assigned quiz/test date unless approved by the teacher.

    Missing the day before a quiz or a test does not justify not having to take the test.  All tests are announced in advance.


    It is YOUR responsibility to get any work that you missed.  Any student that has any extended absence will be dealt with on a case by case basis.  Please feel free to request your work from guidance or e-mail me when you are absent for an extended period.

    If absent, students are responsible for getting make-up work, notes, and turning in missed class assignments.  Check the board for announcements.  All work must be turned in within 3 days of the last absence to avoid late penalties.

    Test and Quizzes must be made-up within 1 week unless approved by the teacher.

    Participation points are made-up by showing the teacher that effort was made to get notes and turning in class assignments.  Students may do some missed class activities at home and write a 2-3 paragraph reflection.


    §  All work should be turned in on the due date.  The late work grace period for class work/homework is for one week after the due date.

    §  Any class work/homework work turned in after the grace period without teacher approval will not be accepted.

    §  The highest score possible on all late work is a 60.

    §  Major class projects have a 3 day grace period and will have a full letter grade penalty for each day late.


    Do not be late to class.  The first 5 minutes of each class we will have a doorbell assignment.  If you come to class late, you will miss the doorbell assignment for the day you cannot make it up. 


    Cheating is sharing answers or using technology to get answers without teacher permission.  If you share answers then you will share the grade of a zero! 


    Outside reading will be required for honors level classes.  I expect you to read and complete any assignments.  Honor’s classes will have an additional honors project.  You will receive more information about the project at a later date.


    Parents will have access to their child’s grades through Power School.  For that reason, e-mail progress reports are not being sent home through the school system this year.  I reserve the right to send a progress report home via the student approximately halfway through the nine week period if necessary, but please utilize your computer access on a weekly basis.  

Last Modified on August 25, 2014