• Welcome to Ms. Young’s Class!

    Daily Schedule:

    8:05 Students arrive and begin Morning Routine

    8:20-8:35 Homeroom/Morning Work

    8:35-8:40 Morning Meeting/Interactive Read-Aloud/Quote of the Week

    8:40-9:45 Math
    10:00-10:35 Imagine It Green Band (phonics) and Writing

    10:40-11:10 Recess

    11:15-11:40 Lunch

    11:45-12:10 Imagine It Red Band (whole group reading)

    12:15-12:55 Reader's Workshop
  • Small group Teacher Time
  • Word Work/Spelling
  • Read to Self
  • Listening Center
  • Learning Center
  • 1:00-1:40 Specials
    Monday: Media/Guidance  Tuesday: Art  Wednesday: Music  Thursday: P.E.  Friday: Science

    1:55-2:30 Science or Social Studies

    2:30-2:50 Jobs/Pack up/D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read)

    2:45 Dismissal Begins

    Classroom Economics: We use a money management system in our classroom called “Check Us Out” that incorporates math in a fun and educational way!

    How it works:

    ·         Students are paid $100 per month. This is the base pay for being a 2nd grade student in Ms. Young’s class.

    ·         This money has to be used to pay any "fines" that the children may incur - these fines are part of the consequences to our class responsibilities, which the children help form at the beginning of each year. If a responsibility is broken during the day, the child must pay his/her fine by writing a check at the beginning of recess to give to the teacher. 

    ·         Students may use accumulated money to make purchases from the Rewards List every other Friday, or at the class store once per month.



    ·         Break one responsibility- pay the fine.

    ·         Break two responsibilities- pay both fines, conference with the teacher, and a fine notice is sent home.

    ·         Break three or more responsibilities- pay all fines, conference with the teacher, and a fine notice is sent home.
    *Severe behaviors or constant disruptions will be sent to the office