• Welcome to Mineral Springs Math and Reading Enrichment!
    We have Bulldog Power in AG Enrichment groups.
    We use voice volume 0 when someone else is talking.
    We keep hands and feet to ourselves.
    We take turns.
    We use voice volume 2 when it is your turn to talk.
    We use equipment as instructed.
    We listen and following instructions.
    We complete our assignments.
    We work cooperatively and in our assigned spaces.
    We as questions.
    We label our work.
    We provide help and feedback.
    We include everyone in group work.
    We praise others who do well.
    We recognize each others' achievements, contributions, originality.
    We bring needed materials to class.
    We create quality work products.
    We use good digital citizenship.  
    We put materials away neatly and where they belong.
    We make valuable contributions to class discussions or group work.