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     Me and my kids
    Hello!  Welcome to Mrs. Trinh's art class!  I am looking forward to getting to know each of you and wanted to let you know a little about me.
    I graduated from Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and received my certification to teach art from Middle Tennessee State University.  This is my tenth year teaching art--most of those years here at Mount Tabor High School!  I am proud to be a Spartan!
    I have 3 children--one at Sherwood Forest Elementary School, one at Jefferson Middle, and one joining me here at MTHS this year! I love teaching art and feel very strongly that EVERYONE benefits from arts education.  It has been proven to boost overall student achievement, critical thinking skills and also to strengthen perseverance...and to be completely honest--it's a lot of fun! I enjoy working in many art mediums but especially enjoy drawing and painting. I'm so excited about doing some great things in art class this year.

    Email: bjtrinh@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Room Number:305



     A day

     B day

    First Period: 

     Art 3/4

     Art 1

    Second Period:



    Third Period (and lunch): 

     Art 1

     Art 1

    Fourth Period: 

     Art 2

     Art 2


    1. Bring all needed supplies & materials to class each day… a 1” binder (referred to as our "sketchbook") and pencil---everyday!!! Other materials will be based on assignments given.
    1. Be in class on time & in assigned seat before the bell rings.  Take out sketchbooks and pencils and begin working on warm up drawing.  This gives me a chance to take roll, get things started and ensure we have enough time to finish all projects.
    1. Turn in ALL assignments and homework on time--late work will be accepted with 5 points off perday (days with excused absence will not count against the grade—pink excuse note must be turned in! It is the student’s responsibility to find out what was missed.  You will have 1 extra day per days absent to make up work w/o a penalty. A grade of 0 (zero) will be added to the Power school grade book until the project is turned in.  If you do not like a grade given you have 2 weeks to make adjustments to improve the grade.  After that 2-week period all grades are permanent!
    1. Remain awake and alert at all times and contribute to classroom discussions. Class participation grade will reflect student work rate and class involvement—this is a great way to boost your grade--just by talking at the appropriate times!  Other things that will affect your participation grade are excessive tardies and random sketchbook checks.  Work hard and you see great results--in your art projects and your grades! 
    1. Be respectful and considerate of others’ rights and opinions. Do not talk when someone else is speaking, especially ME!  (Raise your hand and wait for your turn.) I want to hear what you have to say, but please wait for the appropriate time!  We are all different and interesting and we all have unique ideas to add to our class discussion—please respect all ideas and views even if you do not agree with them. In other words…if you can’t be kind… be quiet.  Do not touch art or art supplies that do not belong to you—even if you are “admiring” it!   If it’s not yours…don’t touch it!
    1. NO food or drink allowed at desks!  There is a “hydration station” for beverages--You may leave drinks or food there and get up if you need a drink during studio time (NOT WHEN I AM TALKING!) 
    1. NO electronic devices should be used or seen during class—unless permission has been given.  I am sure you have these items with you---you just don’t need to use them and I don’t need to see them.
    1. Clean up after yourself and take care of art supplies!  All tables should be clean and students should be in seats before the bell rings.  If your table is not clean—you will not leave and you will not get a note to your next class! Please help take care of the art supplies so they will last all year long!  If you are caught destroying art supplies you will be written up—NO WARNING!
    1. Have positive attitude.  Creativity is stiffled by negativity!!!  Be open minded to all projects and activities regardless of your personal interests or abilities. You will not love every project but you can learn something important with every project. 


    Consequences:  For many offenses, a warning will be sufficient…but continued failure to follow class expectations will be treated as disrespect.

    1st offense--Warning

    2nd offense--Parent contact

    3rd offense—Office Referral/D-1

    charcoal portrait by Lexi Maynard             colored pencil doodle by Zara Wilson            pointillism portrait by Elliot Harrington      pencil perspective by Adam Ornelles
    Most projects can be completed in class time if you are working and using your time wisely but incase you are absent or just need a little extra time I am available for extended studio hours:
    Mondays: After school until 5:00   Tuesdays and Wednesday:  7:45-school starts
     Required Materials for ALL Art Classes:  
    • 1" binder (Sketchbook) and a pencil--everyday!  
    • 2 pieces of poster board--to make your own portfolio
    • Others supplies may be needed for specific projects and will be assigned as needed.
    We are often in need of unusual things--these things are NOT REQUIRED but if you have something we can make art out of feel free to donate it....old newspapers, magazines, modge-podge, #2 pencils, clorox wipes, kleenex, sharpies. old keys, buttons, 

    Upper Level classes may want to purchase the following items but they are not required!  
    • fine point sharpies
    • watercolor set
    • paint brush set
    • canvases (as needed)