• Name: Ms. Williams Resource Room 
    Subject: Resource Room-- 709
    Contact info:   fawilliams@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Welcome to Ms. Williams classroom. It is my goal to teach your child the needed RESOURCE SKILLS to complete their grade and to be a life long learner. Together we can encourage your child to come to school each day prepared and ready to learn.
    Classroom Expectations :  I expect "the best" for and from your child just as I expect the best for and from my own four children.
    What is "the best"? The best from your child is
    • effort
    • attitude
    • behavior

    The best for your child is a school year where they are successful in the classroom, feel self-confident when working with their classmates, and continue to have a desire to learn on their own outside of the classroom.
    • Follow directions and listen carefully.
    • Be prepared each morning and afternoon for school learning. 
    • Behave appropriately in class.
    • Work quietly and do not disturb others who are working.
    • Respect others and be kind with your words and actions.
    Curriculum:  We will be working on different areas of curriculum this year. I will concentrate specifically on each student's Individual Educational Plan (IEP). Each student will work towards mastering their  written goals. Progress Reports are issued quarterly.