• Kevin Bretz
    8th Grade Social Studies
    Welcome to the website for Spartans Social Studies! My name is Kevin Bretz, and this is my first year at Northwest Middle School. I spent my entire life in Pennsylvania, specifically in three main cities--Harrisburg, West Chester, and Philadelphia. I received my BA in History in 2012 from West Chester University of PA and my MA in History from La Salle University in 2014.
    We will be covering the entire history of the United States in this class. From colonization and settlement to post 9/11, this course will give students a strong background in American history that is needed for the high school level. For students to be successful in this course, they must come prepared each day and ready to learn. In addition, assignments need to be completed on time, and students need to study outside of class for tests, quizzes, and projects. More details about the class are posted in the syllabus, which is located on the left margin. I look forward to a great year!