•  How do I volunteer?


    Starting July 1, individuals who would like to volunteer for WS/FC Schools can register as new volunteers, or re-activate an existing application for volunteer clearance during the 2020-21 school year. (Please read the options below to determine if you should register as a new volunteer or re-activate an existing application).


    Note: Please add the domain wsfcsvolunteers to your email account’s safe sender list before registering or reactivating an existing volunteer application.  This will help avoid delays by ensuring your email account will not block the volunteer registration system's emails.

    • If you have not submitted an online volunteer application using the current system, please click on the volunteer registration link at the bottom of this page, then choose the "New Volunteer? Click Here to Register" link located on the online registration page. After you submit your completed application, the system will send you an automated e-mail from “emailverification@wsfcsvolunteers.com.” You must open the e-mail and click on the link in order to activate your application so it can be processed for approval. (If you don't see the e-mail in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder; some email service providers block auto-emails from this system, so please add the domain wsfcsvolunteers to your safe sender list). You will receive another email from “clearance@wsfcsvolunteers.com” once you’ve been cleared to volunteer. You can access your application to make updates and additions at any time using the login and password you created.

    • If you were previously registered and cleared to volunteer in this current registration system, use the login/password you created to access your inactive application to re-activate it for clearance this school year. Do not register as a new volunteer; the system will not allow duplicate applications. (Click the link at the bottom of this page to access the login page; enter your login and password, then click the “login” button to open your current application). Please update any information no longer current, select the school(s) where you’d like to volunteer, the volunteer interests you want to provide, then click “submit” to activate your application for processing. You will receive an email from “clearance@wsfcsvolunteers.com” notifying you when you have been cleared for volunteering. (If you have forgotten your login/password, you can retrieve them using the “forgot your password” option on the login page; they will be emailed to the address provided on your online volunteer application. (If you no longer use the email address on your application, contact Jenny Scholl with your current email address, so it can be updated. Then, you can retrieve your login/password, which you’ll need to reactivate your application each school year, as well as update your information anytime you have changes). 
    • Some unsupervised level volunteers were transferred from the former registration system to the current system, but never activated their application. If this applies to you, use the temporary login (first initial of your first name and last name in all capital letters, ex: JSMITH) and temporary password (date of birth as mm/dd/yyyy) to activate your inactive application. Review and update all information on your application, and re-set your LOGIN and PASSWORD, then complete the required fields on your application. Click “submit” to activate your application. You will receive an email from “clearance@wsfcsvolunteers.com” once you have been cleared to volunteer. You can access your application to make updates/additions at any time using the permanent login and password you created.


    Click the link below to access the volunteer registration/login page:
    Need more information? Contact:

    Jenny Scholl

    Volunteer Coordinator
    Phone: 336.748.4000 ext. 70413
    Cell: 336.917.8099
Last Modified on December 10, 2020