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    WS/FCS Restart Schools

  • What is Restart?

    The Restart Model allows for a local Board of Education to operate a school with the same exemptions from statutes and rules as a charter school authorized under Article 14A. A school operated under this subdivision remains under the control of the local board of education, and employees assigned to the school are employees of the local school administrative unit with the protections provided by part 3 of Article 22.

  • Will Restart Schools become Charter Schools?

  • Will students have to apply to attend?

  • Do teachers have to be "highly qualified" to teach in these schools?

  • What does Restart mean for each site?

  • Will WS/FCS County Board of Education policies continue to be used at Restart schools?

  • Will school transportation be provided?

  • Will students have access to school lunch?

  • Will these schools offer services to children being served through the Exceptional Children's Program

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    Kimberley Park