• Safety Patrol Rules and Pledge

    1. Students must be in and maintain good academic standing: A’s, B’s and C’s only.

    2. Complete all assignments.

    3. No office referrals by teachers including Specialist or any other staff.

    4. Committed to Safety Patrol.

    5. Be on time to your post every day. Stay on your post!

    6. Wear your belt every day.

    7. Wash your belts when they get dirty on Friday’s. Hang them up to dry. DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER.

    8. Be respectful to EVERYONE!

    9. Practice what you expect!

    Students understand that not following Safety Patrol Rules could result in suspension or removal from Safety Patrol. Students could earn back their position on Safety Patrol with the exception of fighting and disrespectful attitudes that result in office visits.

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