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    Office Hours

     7:30 am - 4:30 pm

    Monday - Friday
    Phone (336) 712-4400
    Fax (336) 866-0214

    The student services department includes six School Counselors, a Data Manager, Registrar, and Clerk to assist students in meeting their social/emotional, academic, and postsecondary goals. The school counselors work with students in a variety of areas including registration for appropriate classes; career exploration; interpretation of standardized tests; college admissions, majors, and financial aid; mental health support; and referral to community agencies for additional services.  We partner with our school social worker, psychologist, and career development coordinator.

    In order to best serve the needs of all our students, each student is assigned to a school counselor for the duration of their time in high school. These assignments are made alphabetically according to the student's last name. Assignments are as follows, including a listing of each counselor's special responsibilities:

    Mrs. Miranda Dicato
    A - Co
    • CollegeBoard SSD Accommodations Coordinator
    • Transfer Orientation Coordinator
    • Medical Concerns/Diabetes Plan
    • Crosby Scholars Liaison
    • SIT Team Member
    • 504 Coordinator (A-Co)
    Mrs. Angela Hubbard
    Cr - Fl
    • Director of Student Services
    • PLT Facilitator
    • Scholarship Committee Chair
    • Awards Day Scholarships
    • Senior Student/Parent Meetings
    • School Profile
    • Mental Health Service Provider Point of Contact
    • Graduation Initiatives Team Member
    • Say Something Anonymous Reporting System Team Member
    • 504 Coordinator (Cr-Fl)
    Mrs. Robin Downs
    Fn - Kim


    • Sophomore Meetings
    • District Crisis Team
    • Mental Health Service Provider Point of Contact
    • 504 Coordinator (Fn-Kim)
    Ms. Desta Hooks
    Kin - Ni


    • FTCC Focus Coordinator
    • Panorama SEL Surveys
    • Freshman Meetings
    • SIT Team Member
    • 504 Coordinator (Kin-Ni)
    Ms. MacKenzie Mick
    No - Sha
    • Enrichment Opportunities
    • Junior Meetings
    • CFNC Countdown to College
    • 504 Coordinator (No-Sha)
    Mr. Sean Sandag
    She - Z
    • Scholarship Committee Member
    • Mock Interview Committee
    • Freshman Parent Orientation
    • NCAA Eligibility Liaison
    • Governor's School Coordinator
    • Safety Team Member
    • Mindfulness Club Sponsor
    • 504 Coordinator (She-Z)
    Ms. Becca Oshige
    Social Worker
    • Student/Family Support
    Mrs. Shera Spangler
     Data Manager
    • PowerSchool
    • Parent Portal

    Mrs. Monica Reaves


    • New Student Registration
    • Management of Student Records
    Ms. Joanne Antinozzi
    • Office Support
    • Weekly Announcements 
    Students may request an appointment with their assigned school counselor by following the link on the Student Services webpage.
    In the case of an emergency or crisis,  please report to Student Services and a school counselor will meet with you as soon as possible. 
    Parents who wish to meet with multiple teachers at the same time should contact their child's school counselor to set up a collaborative meeting. 
    For Career Development Services and questions relating to Career and Technical Education programs like job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships and other work-based learning opportunities, please contact Kim Hayes, the Career Development Coordinator (CDC), at West Forsyth. Contact by email:  kjhayes@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Or visit the Career Development webpage at: https://www.wsfcs.k12.nc.us/domain/11271
Last Modified on July 25, 2023