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    On Satuday, March 14th, North Carolina governor Roy Cooper closed all public schools beginning on March 16th. The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System had been tirelessly working to set up a plan of action in case the schools were forced to close.  Their planning has covered just about everything imagineable...including:

    * the teaching of students will continue, and it will be done on-line

    * students who's family do not own a computer will be loaned a hand-held computer

    * for students in families that do not have internet access at their dwelling: internet hot-spots will be set up

    * students who qualify for a free or reduced-price lunch are being delivered these meals to their home by school buses

    To see an explanation of how grades for this semester will be determined, and how graduation requirements will be determined for this year (and please realize that if there are changes made:  this link will have all of those updates): click here ( * ).


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