• Are you ready for Kindergarten? Practice the skills below:

    Write their own name

    Fine motor skills: Pencil grip and scissor hold.

    Alphabet knowledge

    Letter sounds

    Rote counting to 20

    Naming basic shapes

    Naming basic colors



    Over ear headphones

    1 box of 24 crayons

    1 box of washable markers

    2 packs of pencils

    10 glue sticks

    5 wedge/pencil top erasers

    1 wide-ruled composition notebook

    2 (vinyl/plastic) folders with prongs

    1 book bag with NO WHEELS

    1 change of clothes (plastic bag with name)

    2 boxes of tissues

    1 box of plastic sandwich bags (Opt Quart or Gallon)

    1 hand sanitizer











Last Modified on August 4, 2022