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    RJR's Alumni needs your help in sustaining their 3 on-going initiatives:

    The 'RJ Reynolds High School Alumni & Friends' organization has recently revised their  on-going initiatives...and now they are:
      ** generating the funds needed to annually award two $1,000 scholarships to deserving graduating seniors.  To see pictures of and learn about those students who have received these scholarships in recent years: click here ( * ).
                ** generating the funds needed to annually award $1,000 to the staff member (selected by their peers) as the RJR  Teacher of the Year.  To see pictures of anbd learn about those staff members who have been selected as the RJR Teacher of the Year:  click here ( * ).
    Note:  the above two initiatives means "RJR Alumni & Friends" has on-going annual disbursements in May of each year of $3,000.  The ONLY way we can award the two scholarships and a Teacher of the Year award is for us to have received donated funds that total that amount or more.  
                              ** generating funds to help us create an endowment with the Winiston-Salem Foundation. It takes $25,000 to create such an endowment (which will, once created, disburse funds EVERY YEAR...so that scholarships and Teacher of the Year awards and other such things can be annually given out.  Click here ( * ) to learn more about this endeavor.
    To make a secure tax deductible credit card donation to any and/or all of these initiatives: 
    click on the following link:
    To make a donation via check:  mail your check (made out to "RJR Alumni") to:
    RJR Alumni  *  PO Box 26172  *  Winston-Salem, NC 27114.
    Please write on the memo line the initiative you are supporting.

    To make a donation comprised of stocks: the shares of stock should be wired to the "RJ Reynolds High School Alumni and Friends"  account with Wells Fargo (DTC # 0141;  account #63262706).  Please also send a letter to the RJR Alumni (to the above address), telling us:

    •   the person making the donation, and their mailing address.
    •   a description (name of the stock) and number of shares of stock being transferred.
    •   the name of the brokerage firm used by the donor.
    •   the specific cause the donation should be used for.

    Also, please consider including the RJ Reynolds High School Alumni and Friends organization in your estate planning. To learn the specifics of doing this, click here ( * ).


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