• Bob and Jean Deaton and their 3 sons

    Retired RJR Principal Bob Deaton turned 90 on June 17th.  His wife Jean (who has the nickname "Mama Jean) has the same birthday, and she turned 91. The above picture was taken on Friday afternoon (which was June 17th).  Their sons Danny, Jim and Darryl are pictured above.  Danny came up with the idea of making this a VERY SPECIAL birthday for both his parents.  It ended up being a 3-day celebration.  The highlight was a surprise 30-minute birthday party staged at RJR by some of his past students (who are pictured below).  Rusty Doggett (who graduated from RJR in 1977) helped "recruit" attendees to this event (and it must be noted that there were a lot of storms in Forsyth County that afternoon, but they stayed away from RJR campus). 

    birthday party attendees

    On June 21st, the lead article in the local newspaper was about this surprise birthday party....which can be viewed by clicking here ( * ).

    The Deatons have received 350 cards and letters (some of which are pictured below). Should you like to send a card or letter, the Deatons' mailing address is:

    6409 Salemtowne Drive * Winston-Salem, NC 27106.

    birthday cards and letter received by the Deatons

    Below is a hand written note Rusty received from Mr. Deaton.

    hand written thank you note from Bob Deaton

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Last Modified on June 22, 2022