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    Below is a listing of all 42 on-going athletic teams at RJ Reynolds High School.  They are divided into three groups:

    * those that play only in the fall semester

         *  those that play only in the sring semester           

                 * those that play in the winter.


    RJR teams that play only in the fall semester (with 2017-2018 school-year results):

    Boys Cross Country- Conference Champion (John Tatter won the state championship)
    Girls Cross Country
    Girls Field Hockey Conference Champion 
    JV Girls Field Hockey
    Football- Playoff Team
    JV Boys Football
    Girls Golf
    Boys Soccer-Playoff Team
    JV Boys Soccer
    Girls Tennis- Conference Champion
    JV Girls Tennis
    JV Volleyball
    JV Cheerleading
    Dancing Boots
    RJR teams that play in the winter (with 2016-2017 school-year results):
    Boys Basketball- Playoff Team
    JV Boys Basketball
    9th Grade Basketball
    Girls Basketball- Conference Champion
    JV Girls Basketball
    JV Wrestling
    Boys Swimming
    Girls Swimming
    Boys Indoor Track
    Girls Indoor Track
    RJR teams that play only in the spring semester (with 2016-2017 school-year results):
    Boys Baseball
    Boys JV Baseball
    Boys Golf- Finished 6th in state championship playoff
    Boys Lacrosse- Playoff Team
    JV Boys Lacrosse
    Girls Lacrosse- Playoff Team
    JV Girls Lacrosse
    Girls Soccer- Playoff Team
    JV Girls Soccer
    Girls Softball
    Girls JV Softball
    Boys Tennis- Playoff Team
    Boys Track
    Girls Track
    Hunter Safety Team

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