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    RJR's spring play (a musical known by almost everyone: "The Wizard of Oz") will probably be the largest theatrical production EVER performed by the school!  It has a cast of 72 students...and not all of those are from Reynolds High School.  There are 23 kindergarten-through-8th-grade students from local schools. In fact, when you combine the cast, their alternates, those in the  orchestra, and those working as crew members behind the scenes:  about 100 students are involved in this production...and they ALL have been coming to after-school and weekend practice sessions EVERYDAY for the last 10 days, and they ALL will continue to show up at after-school and weekend practice sessions EVERYDAY until the show opens to the public!  Overseeing and teaching ALL of those students EVERYDAY...while keeping EVERYONE excited to be a part of this production...is an UNBELIEVABLE FEAT in itself!! 

    To give you an glimpse of how big a production this is:  the cost of the royalties that had to be paid for the words said and songs sung was $3,000!  The cost of all of the HUNDREDS of costumes (since a lot of the students performed in many different costumes) was $5,000!  That means $8,000 was spent on this production before the first prop was created, before the first word is said, and before the first song is sung!

    On March 10th, RJR Alumni President Harry Corpening staged a recorded Zoom conversation with Nick Zayas (who is the Director of RJR's Theatrical Arts Department). This 19-minute interview (which is VERY entertaining and informative) can be viewed by clicking onto the following image. Viewing this video will give you a great idea as to how big (and special) a production this will be!

    Nick Zayas and Harry Corpening

    Nick Zayas                      Harry Corpening

    This production, as all past recent RJR productions, will be as good...OR BETTER...than that of local community theaters!


    The performance schedule:  Thursday, Friday & Saturday (March 16, 17 & 18):  7:00 pm

    Friday & Saturday (March 18 & 19):  2:00 pm matinees. (The Sunday matinee will be RJR's FIRST audience sing-along event. If you come dressed up on Sunday as a character in the play: you will get in free! 

    Ticket prices:  children 7 and under: FREE  ** kids over 7 & students: $5.00 ** adults:  $15.00

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Last Modified on March 12, 2023