•   RJR Alumni Directory

    The 'RJ Reynolds High School Alumni and Friends' organization is going to have the next edition of the RJR Alumni Directory published next year.  The firm "Publishing Concepts" has begun contacting the RJR alumni to obtain and/or verify their pertinent personal information.  Postcards and emails will be used in trying to get you to call them to verify (or give) this information for yourself.  The emails will be coming from NoReply@PublishingConcepts.com. The postcards will come with a message from me. 

    PLEASE CALL 1-866-927-9302 during normal weekday business hours to verify or give your information. This publishing firm has been told that the ONLY information printed in the new Alumni Directory will be that which has been personally verified!

    Several important notes:

    * If you have never been contacted about your name being placed in a RJR Alumni Directory: merely call 1-866-927-9302 and tell the person on the phone that you want your name added to their database.

    * You do NOT have to have graduated from RJR to have your information listed in the Alumni Directory.  You may have only attended for a while. If you care enough to call to give your information: that is good enough for us.  Just call 1-866-927-9302.

    * You are NOT required to make ANY type of purchase concerning the Alumni Directory.  

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