• 1923 National Cash Reigister made in 1923 specifically for Reynolds High School

    cash register made by National Cash Register in 1923 for Reynolds High School

    Recently Reynolds High School received a donation of the above pictured cash register. It was made by the National Cash Register Company in 1927, specifically for RJR (as can be seen in the invoice below).

    sales receipt for cash register

    RJR's Principal (Calvin Freeman) would like to learn more about this...such as where it was used at school.  Do you happen to have any old pictures from relatives that attended Reynolds that may have included a picture of this cash register?  Or do you have any old RJR yearbooks that may have a picture in which this cash register appeared (such as possibly one taken at the RJR cafeteria)?  If so, please send an email to RJR Alumni President Harry Corpening at RJRhighschool@aol.com telling about that picture.

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