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    On Saturday, September 22, 2018, the following three people were inducted into the RJR Arts Hall of Fame during the George Hamilton IV Memorial Music Festival ("FolksyFest").

    Robert Mayer--Former RJR Band and Orchestra Director, creator of the Dancing Boots, director who took the Marching Band to perform twice in the halftime show of Washington Redskins games, WSFCS Music Director, college professor

    Judy Voss Jones--RJR Alum, former Art Professor at Converse College, RJR Arts Building named after her

    Mitch Easter--RJR Alum, Musician (Rittenhouse Square, Sneakers, The dB's, Let's Active, solo, etc.), Producer (REM, Ben Folds Five, Connells, etc.).

    To read the biographies of these three individuals (that was printed in the event's program given to all attendeess):  click here ( * ).

    To view a video of this induction ceremony, click here ( * ).



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