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    About 1,800 students make up the current RJR student-body.  Approximately 50% of them qualify for a free or reduced price lunch.  That represents more than 800 Reynolds students!  Sadly that means that some students show up not having had anything to eat since they left school the day before.  To combat this, a group of parent volunteers has teamed up with the Second Harvest Food Bank and Centenary United Methodist Church to engage RJR students, clubs, staff and families in supporting the Demon Pantry (pictured above).  This pantry has food for such students.  It also has toiletries for needy students. 

    The reason for offering toiletries: a female student was found trying to steal a roll of toilet tissue from the school.  When asked why, her answer was:  "my family can't afford toilet tissue."


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    Eligible students can go to the Guidance Department and complete a short form to enroll and start receiving food and toiletries weekly....and if needed:  can be immediately given something to eat.

    As of November 15, 2019:  75 students recieve weekly take-home bags of food.

    Also, RJR will start serving a snack to those students who attend after-school tutoring and Saturday School so that hunger won't prevent them from this extra access to learning.  For those of you living in the Winston-Salem area, please feel free to bring any of the following to the Guidance office this month:

    • Cracker packs (peanut butter, cheese, etc.)
    • Granola/Nutrigrain bars
    • Boxes of Mac-n-cheese
    • Applesauce/fruit cups
    • Trail mix snack size bags

    This pantry exists ONLY because of donations!  Please consider giving to this VERY worth cause.  Also, please know that a $100 donation will sponsor one of the more than 800 RJR students that are at-risk for being hungry for a semester!  If you would like to make a secure tax deductible donation via your credit card:  click onto the following link:


    Or if you want to donate via check:  it should be made out to (and mailed to):

    RJR Alumni * PO Box 26172 * Winston-Salem, NC 27114.  (Please write "Demon Pantry" on the memo line).

    Click here ( * ) to contact Clare Jordan with any questions.


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