• The Wizard of Oz

    The Wizard of Oz

    RJR's AWESOME Theatrical Arts Department staged 6 performances (that were open to the public) of "The Wizard of Oz" between March 16th - March 19th.  This play was chosen because it is known by ALL age groups, and a play with such wide recognition was deemed very appropriate for RJR's 100th school-year birthday.  The numbers involved with this play are unbelievable.  The costs for just the royalties and costumes was over $8,000.  There were approximately 100 students involved in this production (when the cast and alternates are added to the musicians in the orchestra and the students working as crew members behind the scenes...and the 23 students kindergarten thru the 8th grade from local schools.  That means these 100 students came together AFTER SCHOOL HOURS EVERY DAY for about 3 weeks to practice.  And that practice REALLY paid off, as this musical was a production ANY and ALL RJR alumi would be proud of!

    To view the PLAYBILL given to each patron attending any of the performances, click here ( X ).

    PLAYBILL for The Wizard of Oz

    To view the130-minute video of the AMAZING March 16th performance of "The Wizard of Oz":  click onto the image at the top of the page.

    To view a VERY entertaining recorded Zoom conversation between RJR Alumni President Harry Corpening and Nick Zayas (who is the Director of RJR's awesome Theatrical Arts Department (that was staged the weekend before the public performances): click onto the following image.

    Nick Zayas and Harry Corpening

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