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    High School Course Registration


    Rising 9th – 12th graders

    Course Registration 2020-2021 is open through March 4


    Please note:

    Individual schools develop their timelines for registration; expect communication from your School’s Counseling Departments related to their process and timeline.


    Slated for 2020-21, all high schools (excluding Kennedy, Early College, and Middle College) will offer AP Statistics on site.  Our district Career Center is host to the majority of our Advanced Placement and Career Technical Education courses.  There are many new courses that are made available to high school students this coming school year including American Indian Studies, Digital Drawing, Financial Planning, Sales I and II, etc.  Also, the school board voted to move African American Studies, and Latino American Studies to full unit courses.  These are only a few of the new courses offered to high school students in WSFCS.  The WSFCS School Board approved new courses includes a full list of the courses that can be offered at schools based on demand.  See the electronic version of the 2020-2021 High School Course Registration Handbook for more details.

    High School students can access standard or honors courses at all of our high schools as well as some Advanced Placement courses at home high schools (AP English Language, AP English Literature, AP Calculus AB, AP Psychology, AP Environmental Science, AP World History: Modern, and AP Statistics).  Based on school board approval, some high schools offer additional AP courses on site.  Students are assigned to courses based on our district course assignment principles that use End of Grade or End of Course tests, student performance, and teacher recommendations. 

    Parents have the option to complete a Parent Choice Request Form ( English | Spanish ) if they desire to enroll their student in a different level or course in which the student is placed based on the assignment principles.

    Advanced Placement courses allow students to earn an additional quality point to be used in calculating a student’s weighted grade point average.  To find all courses available at our district Career Center, visit the school’s webpage or preview the comprehensive guide Career Center Quick Reference Guide.  

    Per Senate Bill 561, current Juniors (Class of  2021) are required to demonstrate proficiency based on Career and College Ready Graduates Benchmarks.  Students who do not demonstrate proficiency will be required to enroll in CCRG enhanced English 4 and/or NC Math 4 courses during their senior year.

    WSFCS also partners with Forsyth Tech to offer Career and College Promise (also known as Dual Enrollment) courses at Forsyth Tech.  11th and 12th graders who have earned a cumulative 2.8 grade point average or higher (unweighted) are eligible to access Career and College Promise courses, with Principal approval.  Students can earn credit for courses taken at Forsyth Tech, if included in the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement and approved by the high school.  These courses earn an additional quality point to be used in calculating a student’s weighted grade point average.  More information can be found by speaking to your School Counselor or  via Forsyth Tech High School Programs.  

    There are resources available at our high schools for students who are EC and EL (English Learner).  Course selections align with specialized plans for students who would qualify for these services.  Rising 9th graders are encouraged to attend Rising 9th Grade Open House Events to learn more about course offerings, extracurricular activities, graduation requirements, etc. at our high schools.