• "Into the Woods" flyer

    The spring semester musical play presented by RJR's Drama Department ("Into the Woods") was staged at Reynolds Aduitorium on Friday, March 13th.  The only people in the Auditorium that evening were the actors and actresses, stage hands, musicians, and teachers involved with the play (as well as Auditorium management).  This was due to the coronavirus crisis.

    This play was recorded using professional cameras.  MANY thanks go out to Reynolds Auditorium's Facility Manager Liz May, who took that recording and technically modified it so that it would upload onto Vimeo.com (which is where all of the recordings of student performances are posted for EVERYONE to enjoy). 


    To view the first act of this FABULOUS musical, click onto the following link ( * ).

    To view the scond (and final) act, click onto the following link ( * )

    To make a secure credit card donation to help offset some of the expenses in staging this play (since it was never allowed to be shown to the public):  click onto the following link:

    Please make a donation supporting INTO THE WOODS

    To make a donation via check: mail your check (made out to "RJR Alumni") to:
    RJR Alumni  *   PO Box 26172  *    Winston-Salem, NC 27114
    Please write on the memo line "Into The Woods"


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