• RJ Reynolds High School

    There are several different ways to give a donation to the "RJ Reynolds High School Alumni and Friends" organization (and please remember that since the "RJ Reynolds High School Alumni & Friends" corporation is deemed a 501c3 non-profit by the IRS:  all donations are considered tax deductible).  To make a donation, you can:

    *** Make an immediate secure credit card donation (utilizing Paypal.com) by clicking here  ( * ).

    *** Write a check (made out to "RJR Alumni").  In the memo line, write in the specific cause you want the funds to be used for (if there is one).  This check should be mailed to:

    RJR High School Alumni & Friends

    PO Box 26172

    Winston-Salem, NC 27114

    *** Give a donation comprised of stocks.  The shares of stock should be wired to the 'RJ Reynolds High School Alumni and Friends' account with First National Bank (DTC #: 0701;  account #: 6WX27886).  Please also send a letter to "RJR Alumni" (to the above address), or an email to RJRhighschool@aol.com (with a subject-line of "stock donation"), telling us:

    •   the person making the donation, and their mailing address.
    •   a description (name of the stock) and number of shares of stock being transferred.
    •   the name of the brokerage firm used by the donor.
    •   the specific cause the donation should be used for (if there is one).

    Also, please consider including the RJ Reynolds High School Alumni and Friends organization in your estate planning. To learn the specifics of doing this, click here ( * ).

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Last Modified on October 1, 2022