• WS/FCS needs you! We are seeking volunteers to make a difference in the lives of our scholars, in classrooms, and at special events. 

    To get started, click on the opportunities below that interest you. You will be able to read about the positive impact you can have in our schools. Then, complete the online volunteer registration process and review all policies to ensure a safe and nurturing environment to help our scholars reach their fullest potential.

    If you have already identified how you would like to volunteer, click here to access information on our volunteer application.

  • Let the adventure begin.  

    As you review the volunteer descriptions, a “supervised volunteer” is able to engage in activities where a WS/FCS employee or other school designee must be present while serving scholars. An “unsupervised volunteer” can engage in activities without a WS/FCS employee or other school designee being present. Supervised or unsupervised status is determined by both (a) interests selected on the volunteer application and (b) a review of the volunteer's background checks.

  • School-Based Volunteer Opportunities

    Click an opportunity that interests you for the role description. 

  • Community Partner Opportunities

    WS/FCS has relationships with strong community partners (local businesses, educational organizations, agencies, and advocacy groups) who serve and meet the needs of students.You may select these partner opportunities on your volunteer application. The community partner will then be in touch with you directly about next steps required to volunteer with their organization to ensure that you meet their organizational needs and requirements.

  • Let the adventure begin.  

    As you prepare to volunteer, these tips and reminders will ensure a smooth application process.

    • Please use your full legal name when completing the volunteer application. This will help to alleviate delays in processing your application.
    • Considering saving your volunteer login and password as a contact in your phone. This is a great way to have easy access in the future.
    • Consider using a personal email address.
      • Background results and clearance notifications are sent to the email address on your volunteer record.
      • Yearly, you will be asked to renew your volunteer information. Should you have registered with a work email address and happen to change employers, you will not receive the renewal request.
    • We ask for you to enter your "Affiliation" so that WS/FCS has awareness of what businesses, community groups, and other organizations are currently serving our scholars. 
    • A Driver's Licence Number, although not required, is a secondary identifier in cases of common names.
    • If you are a family member of a WS/FCS student, select the appropriate option for "Relationship to a Student" on the application.
    • If you are looking to become a volunteer drive, please complete the required Driver Certification Form by clicking here and submitting it directed in the form instructions.
    • WS/FCS requires an annual renewal process for all volunteers to remain eligible to volunteer.
      • Each year, typically in August, an email is sent to all previous volunteers using the email address on file asking them to review their application and re-apply. All items on the application must be reviewed and updated before the application can be submitted.
      • Things to check for when re-applying:
          • Double check the email address. If the email is incorrect, you will not receive updates about your volunteer application or volunteer opportunities.
          • All volunteers must provide a Social Security Number or check the box that indicates you do not have or prefer not to provide one.
          • At least one school and one volunteer opportunity must be selected.
    • All volunteers must certify their application and acknowledge a photo and videography statement of understanding.

    Let's create your application.

    To create your application, follow these steps:

    1. Click "Register Now" below to create your volunteer request.

      • Every person who would like to volunteer must complete an online form to register.

      • If you have already registered, you can also click "Register Now" so you can retrieve a forgotten password or check your status.
    2. You will receive another email once you've been cleared to volunteer from “clearance@wsfcsvolunteers.com” once you’ve been cleared to volunteer. During certain months of the school year, please allow up to 30 days for your volunteer interest to be reviewed due to a high volume of new and returning volunteer applications.  

    Register as a Volunteer Now


    Things to Remember

    • As a volunteer, if you are released from volunteer service at a school for any adverse reason, the District Volunteer Services Coordinator will be notified immediately. Depending on what the situation is, you may be terminated from all volunteer activities with WS/FCS. If this is the case, an appropriate communication will be provided.
    • Local (AOC) background screenings are run nightly to ensure our volunteers are always safe to engage with our scholars. Schools will check volunteers’ status routinely to confirm their eligibility. Volunteers are expected and required to abide by the WS/FCS Standards of Professional Conduct outlined WS/FC Board Policies 1170, 4116.10 and 5131.7.

    Need to make changes to your application?

    You may access your application at www.wsfcsvolunteers.com at any time to revise, change, or modify your information. Be sure to notate your login information created during the volunteer registration process. 

    Need help? Have questions?

    Contact Terry Matthews, Volunteer Services Coordinator, at tmmatthews@wsfcs.k12.nc.us or 336.727.2696.