Opportunities: Mobilizing Together for Action

  • There will be opportunities that require us to mobilize with the community for school-based assistance and districtwide projects. These opportunities allow WS/FCS and the community to share feedback and match needs with resources. 

    Opportunities to mobilize for action have included:

    • Being a mentor for high school seniors participating in Senior Academy, a program hosted in partnership with Greater Winston-Salem, Inc. 
    • Complete survey to aid the development of the social-emotional skills that students need to build successful relationships, set goals, manage their emotions, and succeed in school
    • Serving as an Exam Proctor at the end of the year
    • Participating in the WS/FCS 90x25 goal as a Reading Warrior and providing additional support for K-3 students in reading comprehension and vocabulary development

  • Become a Connection that Moves

    Contact Mark Batten, Executive Director of Community Engagement, to share and learn more about opportunities for:

    • School-based volunteer support to aid school staff and student needs
    • Participating in district wide events, such as College or Career Fairs
    • Contributing to specific needs brought to your attention by an educator or community agency

    The Community Engagement team will help you meaningfully connect to schools, programs, and initiatives.

  • Reading Warriors Logo


    WS/FCS has teamed up with Project Impact to organize an army of Reading Warrior volunteers: people like you who know that our community’s success depends on our children’s success. And that helping students to learn to read is a community commitment to closing the achievement gap.

    How can you help? Volunteer just an hour a week tutoring a child, K-3, and be a part of this all in community effort to close the childhood literacy achievement gap.

    We'll give you all the support you need. Training. Materials. Check-ins. An easy-to-use, structured curriculum. Your choice of schools and a range of available times. All our kids need is you and you can change their life for the better, forever.

    Here's a glimpse, by the numbers, into Reading Warriors during 2021-2022:

    • 332 Reading Warriors volunteers registered with WS/FCS and completed the background check process.
    • 210 volunteers selected a school to serve as a Reading Warrior. Of the 210 volunteers, 157 selected 1st grade and 53 selected kindergarten. 
      • 118 tutors completed the 1st grade training to serve one first grade student.
      • 32 tutors completed the kindergarten training to serve two kindergarten students. 
    • 141 kindergarten and 1st grade students served in the 2021-2022 school year. 
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  • WS/FCS Core Connector

    WS/FCS Core Connectors

    We need your help to build a team of diligent, enthusiastic leaders who promote the core values of WS/FCS and come together for greater impact in our communities! Become a WS/FCS Core Connector and let's work meaningfully together.

      • Serve as a liaison between the district and community: receive key updates and important information to help us strengthen awareness and keep the community informed
      • Share outcomes and challenges: help us to better support and celebrate the remarkable opportunities and experiences that inspire every student's pursuit of greatness
      • Inspire new collaborations: we'll keep you posted on opportunities to participate with the district (new volunteer programs, school needs, district task forces and advisory groups) and we encourage you to keep us posted on ways we can support your work (booth at festivals and fairs, speaking engagements).
    Become a Core Connector