• School Leadership Meeting Dates:
    Generally, Flat Rock Middle School's SLT meets on the Second and Fourth Wednesday of the month. The meeting begins at 2:15 and takes place in the Media Center. (Occasionally a meeting may be held in a different location within the school building.)The first meeting of the month will consist of a general meeting combined with an additional Media and Technology Action Committee agenda.  The second meeting will be a concentration on Data Analysis.  Additional meetings can and will be called as needed.
    School Leadership Team Members:
    Becky Hodges, Principal
    Danielle Anderson, Chair (Sixth Grade)
    Susan McLeod, Co-Chair (Seventh Grade)

     Andrea Marckel, Instructional Facilitator

    Stephanie Boyd-Grady, Lead Guidance Counselor

    Deb Schultz-Fidali, Media

    Amy Rominger, EC Case Manager

    Amber Bass, EC Teacher

    Audrena Garland, Sixth Grade Math

    Jennifer Scott, Seventh Grade SS

    Jay Connett, Eighth Grade math

    Courtney Hurst, Eighth Grade SS

    Kent Hobsen, Encore Representative Study Skills

    Nicholas McGaillard, Encore Representative CTE

    Joyce Branch, Classified Representative