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    Career Center
    910 Highland Court
    Winston-Salem, NC 27101
    Telephone: (336) 727-8181
    Fax: (336) 727-7607 (Main Office)
    Fax: (336) 727-7608 (Guidance)
     Career Center High School
    Parking Information 
    Parking Stickers will be available at Open House 8/24/17 6-8pm.
    Drivers should practice driving to and from Career Center before the first day of school.

     Parking Stickers

    Get the printable version of the following information here.

    Cost $10 once students purchase a Home School parking sticker (for $115)

    Note that WSFCS employees’ children must pay $15 for CC sticker

    All-Day Career Center students can purchase a sticker for $125


    How to purchase a Career Center Parking Sticker

    Purchase a parking sticker at your Home School and get a RECEIPT

    Bring the following to the Career Center office to pick up a parking sticker:

    RECEIPT from Home School (must purchase Home School sticker first)

    $10 CASH ($15 for WSFCS employees’ children)

    Career Center Student Driving & Parking Permit FORM (completed & signed by parent)

    Form found on CC website & in CC office

    Schedule showing your CC classes

    Driver’s License & Vehicle Registration (copy not needed)


    Students are NOT ALLOWED to park on campus after the 3rd day of school without a Career Center parking sticker.  There is NO guarantee that there will be adequate parking for morning students.  Stickers are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and sales may be halted at any time.  

    Parking Charges & Fines


    Student with parking sticker

    Student without parking sticker

    Temporary Parking Pass


    $5 per Day*          (Up to 5 days)

    Parking Violation

    $10 parking fine

    $10 parking fine + $5 day pass



    Sticker Replacement

    $1 w/ old sticker returned or                          $10 for lost sticker


    Parking Violations

    $10 parking violations will be issued to students if they:

    -          Park in the wrong lot at CC

    -          Park without a CC parking sticker

    -          Incorrectly park at CC                                            (in faculty / visitor spaces, etc.)

    -          NOTE: This is your warning about parking at CC.  All parking violations will be assessed a $10 fine.  Unpaid fines will be entered on the student’s debt list. 


    Temporary Parking Passes are issued to students (who have a CC sticker) who need to change automobiles for a short period of time or who need preferential parking due to medical need.

    *Students who DO NOT purchase a sticker but need a 1-day pass should purchase that pass BEFORE parking on the CC campus.  There is NO guarantee that there will be space for a morning student wanting a 1-day pass.  After 5 days students must purchase a sticker to continue parking at CC.

    ALL students (with sticker or with 1-day pass) MUST park in the correct lot at CC.  Failure to do so constitutes a parking violation with a $10 fine. 



     Parking Map
    parking chart  
    Click here for a printable version of the parking map. 
    Click one of the following links to view printable directions and a map to the Career Center starting from a specific high school. Estimated driving times are also indicated on the directions:

    Home School

    with highway without highway
    Atkins High School   without highway
    Carver High School   without highway
    East Forsyth High School with highway without highway
    Glenn High School with highway without highway
    Mt. Tabor High School with highway without highway
    North Forsyth High School with highway without highway
    Paisley IB Program   without highway
    Parkland High School with highway without highway
    Reagan High School with highway without highway
    Reynolds High School   without highway
    Walkertown High School   without highway
    West Forsyth High School with highway without highway
    Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy   without highway
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