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    Early College of Forsyth Application Process

    The application process is currently being updated and will be located in the Magnet Program tab on the Early College of Forsyth website. 

    Expectations of Students

    The opportunity provided in this arena allows students to attend high school and community college, thereby, granting the students the best of both worlds. The accomplishment of a high school diploma while simultaneously receiving college credits. Ultimately, the goal will be for students to be granted a high school diploma and an associates degree from - Forsyth Technical Community - one of the premier community colleges in the country and state. Some students will continue and receive transfer credits to enter senior colleges and universities. Equally important, the cost to parents and students is minimal. Other than parking and lab fees, the tuition and book charges for Early College students attending community college courses are free. Imagine receiving college credits and an associate's at relatively no cost.

    Cornerstones of Good Character

    Please take a look at these cornerstones lifted from the guide for Character Education.
    1. Respect - Showing high regard for self, other people, property and authority. Understanding that all people have value. Responding sensitively to the ideas of others without dismissing or degrading them.
    2. Compassion - Treating others with compassion and friendship. Recognizing that everyone from time to time feels hurt, confused and angry. Seeking understanding and reconciliation with other members of a community in conflict.
    3. Responsibility - Being dependable. Carrying out obligations and having a sense of duty to fulfill tasks one has accepted. Being accountable.
    4. Courage - Attempting difficult things that are worthwhile. Doing the right thing even when others do not. Follow your conscience rather than the crowd.
    5. Integrity - Carrying out your responsibilities without claiming credit for someone else's work. Willing to acknowledge wrongdoing. Being truthful and trustworthy.
    6. Determination - The inner strength and perseverance to pursue goals. Each person works to complete assignments, and all members of the community support others in their work.
    7. Self Discipline - Demonstrating hard work and commitment. Improving yourself and restraining yourself from inappropriate behavior. Always do your best.
    8. Giving - Discovering that one of life's greatest satisfactions comes from giving to others, sharing through service, responding to the needs of others, without expectation of reward.


Contact Information for Student Services

  • Mr. Dexter A. Felder - Director of Student Services
    Forsyth Technical Community College
    2100 Silas Creek Parkway, Ardmore Building, Suite 242
    Winston-Salem, NC   27103 
    Office Telephone: 336-757-3301
    Facsimile: 336-757-3300
    E-mail: dfelder@wsfcs.k12.nc.us and dfelder@forsythtech.edu


Last Modified on November 13, 2023