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                                      Mrs. Joyce, Media Coordinator                      Mrs. Cartrette, Media Assistant
    Thanks for stopping by our media center page.  We have lots going on this year.  My name is Crystal Joyce and this is my seventh year teaching in the media center/library.  I received my Masters in Library Science from Appalachian State University and my B.A in Communications from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and I ABSOLUTELY love being at Old Richmond Elementary.  I have 2 children, Sarah (who is a sophomore and a Marching Mountaineer at Appalachian State University) and Stephen (who is a junior and a Marching Demon at RJ Reynolds High School). In my spare time, I enjoy basketball and tennis, reading, visiting historic sites throughout the South, and research. Currently, I am the North Carolina School Library Media Association By-Laws Chairperson and on the Forsyth School Media Association Board. Being a school librarian is the best job in the world!
    My name is Suzanne Cartrette and I will be working at Old Richmond Elementary School on Tuesdays.  I also work at Oldtown Elementaty School.  I love reptiles.  I have an iguana named Squirt and a beardie named Pancake.  I look forward to working with you again this year.
    We look forward to working with the teachers, students and parents.  The media center is open from 8:30-3:30pm daily. Come by and see us!
      Crystal Joyce, Teacher Librarian
    Suzanne Cartrette, Media Assistant
      ORES Media Center Mission Statement
    The mission of the ORES Media Center is to support 21st century teaching and learning within our school community.  Our focus is on delivering a challenging and supportive environment for children, that is fueled by recognizing and stimulating individual talents while promoting continuous academic, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth.  Each student will be given the instructional opportunities and support needed to become a 21st century critical thinker and lifelong learner.             
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