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    "We must prepare students for their future, not our past." David Thornberg
    In videoconferencing, we schedule classes with the NC Museum of History, the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, NC School of Science and Math, Sea Trek (MOTE Marine Lab), the Smithsonian American Art Museum, NASA, Alaska Sea Life, Longwood Gardens, Royal Botanical Gardens (Canada), and other CILC providers.  We also have projects with schools in the United States and with iCollaboratory.org and other Google Apps for Education schools.  We also make classroom to classroom projects, such as Read Around the Planet (RAP).  All IVC's are based on state standards.

    We began videoconferencing in May 2003; we were the 1st elementary school in NC to use h.323 videoconferencing. We also videoconferenced with other regions in our state, called, "Carolina Connections"; this goes with the 4th grade study of the state. We participated in the very first Megaconference, Jr. in 2004, with classrooms from around the world, K-20.  We continued to participate and present in this conference through 2012. Ms. Scott's 5th grade class presented at U.K. Poetry Day in 2010. This theme was chosen by our school in 1997 and developed from 1997 through 2012, winning the state Distance Learning Association's individual award in 2005 (K-20) for the DL Coordinator.  Two articles were also published in ISTE's Learning and Leading with Technology about Rural Hall School's Distance Learning program. 
    These experiences are unlike any other and offer our students a view of the world outside of their neighborhoods, adding depth to the curriculum, and taking instruction to real world opportunities.
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    Name:  Linda McDermon
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    The photo at the top of the page  is from one of the Megaconference, Jr. presentations.
    Some pictures are from SchoolWires, some from AnimationFactory.com, and are used with permission or licenses.  All student photos have parent permission.