• Frequently Asked Questions

    Why would I want my child to attend The Special Children's School?

    Educators, therapists and parents across the region have recognized and affirmed our mission, vision and values for over thirty years. National accreditation awards and a North Carolina Five Star Day Care rating only enhance that image.

    But the most important reason is not external affirmations, but the comfort as well as the excitement you will feel when you visit. Each classroom, partnered with a team of therapists, will build the best environment in which your child can grow to their potential.

    You will sense the celebrations and pride we share each day with even tiny victories for each child. It is a contagious experience we are delighted to share. But don't take our word for it, please come and visit us.

    Who can attend?  

    • Children 3 years to 5 years of age who are assigned to our school through WS/FCS preschool intake department.
    • School age children Kindergarten - 5th grade with significant developmental disabilities.
    • Typically developing (no disability) preschool children ages 2 to 5 years.
    • Any child that meets the criteria to attend kindergarten (This is a regular kindergarten class)


    Can I tour the schol?

    ABSOLUTELY! You may call our school at 336-703-4191 and speak with Karen Warren our Instructional Facilitator to set up a tour of the school.


    When is the school open?

    The Special Children's School follows the WS/FCS calendar.  Daily hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 2:25 PM.  If you are in need of after school care, please let us know at the time of enrollment. 

    What are the classrooms like?

    Our school offers both inclusive settings (typical children and special needs children learning together) and self-contained settings (only special needs children).  Classroom ratios follow Division of Child Development Early Education(DCDEE) guidelines.  Therapies are offered and are integrated into the classroom routine.

    What does it mean to have a 5-star rating?

    A 5-star rating is part of North Carolina's daycare licensing standards. The school is rated on the quality and education of the staff, the school's history with the Division of Child Development, and a developmental observation made by an independent observer.

    The center's 5 Star Rating means that the environment is more conducive to learning, that there will be a higher staff:child ratio and the teachers are more highly educated.

    How can parents be involved with the school?

    We encourage our parents to get involved by joining our PTO.  Parent input during IEP meetings and teacher conferences is very important to our staff.  We also have activities during the school year that we invite parents in to be involved with their children for special events. 

    Questions About School Services

    What services does the school provide?

    Physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy along with hearing and visual impaired services are provided to special needs students that qualify.  Classroom instruction is a blend between the Creative Curriculum and the Functional Curriculum.  Student assessments are performed three times a year and information is shared with the parent. 

    Does the school provide extended childcare services?

    Currently we do not offer before or after school care.  We can give you names of other 5 star licensed centers that offer transportation for your child if you need care before or after school.   

    What services do children with special needs receive?

    Children with special needs receive the following services:

    • Child Service Coordination: Provides assistance to families of children to access needed services such as medical appointments, transportation, financial needs, etc.
    • High Risk Intervention: Provides intense education services to children enrolled in the program by a professional or a paraprofessional.
    • Therapies: Based on each child's individual needs for physical, occupational and speech therapies, these are provided by qualified therapists at the school.
    • Transportation: Transportation is provided by the school system for special needs children ages 3-12 years.
    • IEP: Special needs school age children have individualized Education Plans with developmental goals for the teachers and therapists to work on with the children.
    • Nutritional Services: All children receive nutritious meals. If there are feeding concerns, a school nurse is available to address these concerns.
Last Modified on August 7, 2021