• Attendance Policies

    East Forsyth firmly believes one key to success is regular attendance.  Make-up work and work sent home cannot replace the classroom experience.

    The North Carolina Compulsory Attendance Law requires that all children between the ages of seven and sixteen attend school on a regular basis. East Forsyth High School Policy is to notify parents by mail when students accumulate five or more absences during any one grading period.  All excuse notes must be submitted to the teacher within five days upon returning from an absence.  (Notes not submitted within five days will not be accepted at the end of the quarter.) 

    Documentation of extended absences must be presented in the form of a medical note stating the nature and length of illness, printed funeral verification of a death in the family, or legal notice from the court or an attorney stating the date of a court or legal appointment.  This documentation should be given to the students first teacher upon arrival to school.

    If a student is absent from school for four or more class periods, they are not eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities or practice with athletic teams on the same day, afternoon, or evening of such absence.