• Cafeteria

    Cafeteria Manager: Debra Haynes
    phone: 336-703-6735, ext 64532


    East Forsyth High School offers a well-balanced, nutritious breakfast ($1.85) and lunch ($2.30). Reduced-price breakfasts ($0.30) and lunches ($0.40), as well as free meals, are available for students who qualify based on family size and income.  Applications are sent home annually with students.  For additional forms, call the WS/FCS Child Nutrition office at 771-4526.  Click here to see the lunch menu.


    Students may not charge meals. Those who forget their lunch money may request a voucher for a vegetable (not French fries), milk and two rolls. Parents must reimburse the school for the value of the voucher meal. Supplemental items are available at all schools.


    The cafeteria provides well-cooked meals for students and staff members.  Students may choose from two meats, four vegetables, roll and milk for a plate lunch from two lines.  A third line has snacks.  Food may be taken outside of the cafeteria provided paper plates and plastic utensils are used to carry the food.  A mini-breakfast may be purchased every morning from 8:15am - 8:50am.  The breakfast line will close promptly at 8:50am.  Food and drinks are not permitted in the buildings at any time.


    Students should demonstrate good behavior and manners in the cafeteria.  Any student who is observed breaking in line or leaving food/trash on the table will be suspended from the cafeteria.


    School Board policy requires all students remain on campus during lunch.  Buildings where classes are meeting are closed.  Students may study or sit in the courtyard, cafeteria, media center, or lobby of the 100 building.  All other areas of the campus are off limits during lunch.  Students are not allowed to return to their cars during lunch for any reason.  The parking lot is restricted area during the school day.  Students who violate this policy or who leave campus during lunch may lose their driving privileges and be subject to other disciplinary measures.