• Dress Code

    Personal appearance affects our behavior and moods, and many times our appearance determines what others think and believe about us.  We know that all students will want to appear appropriately dressed while at school.  The areas that will be targeted for proper dress are:
    • Revealing fashions are unacceptable school attire.  (Examples:  tank tops, midriff tops, short shorts, see-through/mesh tops, spaghetti straps, sleeveless jerseys, low/revealing necklines, or halter tops/dresses)

    • ALL TOPS FOR MEN AND WOMEN MUST HAVE A FULL SHOULDER.  Tops must be long enough to not just meet but cover the waistband of the pants. No part of the midriff can be exposed. 

    • Pants and skirts must be worn in a manner that does not expose underwear.

    • Gang related items, apparel, symbols, bandanas are not permitted on campus.

    • Clothing should not display inappropriate pictures, words, or phrases.  School Board Policy prohibits the wearing of clothing that advertises or promotes alcoholic beverages or unlawful controlled substances or which impinges upon the general health, safety, and welfare of students and staff. This also includes jewelry that promotes a negative message.

    • Length of skirts/shorts should be of medium thigh.  Short shorts and mini skirts are not acceptable. 

    • Pants fitting like biker shorts or leggings must be worn with a long over shirt.

    • Shoes must be worn in the buildings and on the grounds at all times.  NO BEDROOM SLIPPERS.

    • Hats, headbands, head wraps, and any other head coverings are not to be worn in classrooms, Media Center and cafeteria. 

    • Bandanas are not permitted at school.

    • No pajamas or lounge wear will be permitted.

    • Chains on clothing are not permitted at school.

    • Garments which cover the students face or conceal the students identity are not permitted.

    This dress code will be strictly enforced and students who are in violation will be asked to comply or sent to ISS until a parent/guardian can come get them.  1st period teachers will assess student attire and alert administration.  Students who consistently violate dress code will be suspended.