• Eagle's Camp

    Eagle's Camp provides an alternative to out-of-school suspensions.  Eagle's Camp is housed in Trailer 26 in between the 700 and 800 buildings.  Eagle's Camp houses two different programs - In School Suspension which is period detention and Alternative Learning Classroom (ALC) which is an alternative to
    ISS (In School Suspension/ Period Detention)
    This program is designed to minimize lost class time by allowing students to fulfill obligations.  If it becomes necessary for a classroom teacher to dismiss a student from class due to misconduct, he or she will send a discipline form with the student and instruct the student to report to the office.  Once the student arrives in the office, an administrator will allow the student to explain the reason for the disruptive conduct.  The student will then be assigned the appropriate disciplinary action for his or her infraction.  FAILURE TO REPORT DIRECTLY TO THE OFFICE OR EAGLES' CAMP WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE OUT-OF-SCHOOL SUSPENSION.
    ALC (Alternative Learning Classroom)
    This program is designed to minimize lost class time on campus by allowing the student to remain on campus during the school day.  Students will be assigned to the Alternative Learning Center based on the appropriate disciplinary action for the infraction.  Students may spend 1/2 or full days in the ALC trailer.  Students will receive work from the classroom teachers so that they may keep current with all work.