• Exams and Senior Exam Exemptions

    A final exam will be given in all courses for all students in grades 9-12.  Students in grades 9-11 must take the exam to get credit for the course, however, 12th graders in NON End of Course Classes, may be exempted from exams.  Exams will count 25% of the final grade. 

    ONLY Seniors may be exempted from final exams in semester courses taught in the spring semester and block courses taught in the spring term.
    Year Long Senior Courses
    Seniors may be exempted from exams in a year long course:
    a) with a grade of "A" and no more than four (4) absences
    b) with a grade of "B" and no more than two (2) absences
    c) with a grade of "C" and zero (0) absences
    Block Senior Courses
    a) with a grade of "A" and no more than two (2) absences
    b) with a grade of "B" and no more than one (1) absence
    c) with a grade of "C" and zero (0) absences
    Students who are not Seniors are not eligible for an exam exemption, and exam exemptions are prohibited in the fall semester.
    Seniors will be allowed up to three (3) absences due to:
    a) death in the immediate family
    b) Religious Holiday
    c) College scholarship interview
    These absences will not be onsidere in determining elibigility for exam exemptions until the student provides a copy of written invitation to the scholarship interview AND proof of attendance at such interview, religious even or family member death.


    A student who misses a final exam must make arrangements to make up the exam with the appropriate administrator.   Only students with medical emergencies or other extenuating circumstances will be given permission to make up exams.  It is important the parent contact the administrator immediately to inform them of the emergency.  Exams should be made up within two weeks following the exam schedule, however, because grades are due before the end of the grace period to make up exams, students will receive an F on the Exam until it is made up.  No exams will be given early.