• Alumni get-together

    It is hoped that each RJR Class staging a Reunion will try to do something to help Reynolds High School. This can be accomplished in a lot of ways....one of the best being the raising of money (the donations of which are tax deductible if they go directly to the school or to the "RJ Reynolds High School Alumni and Friends" organization).

    As an example of what can be accomplished:  the RJR Class of 1968 established a scholarship 10 years ago (via the Winston-Salem Foundation) in memory of their classmates that have passed away. (Two $1,000 scholarships go to deserving RJR seniors with a financial need). They recently had their 40th reunion, and came up with the idea of trying to raise $40,000! They didn't. THEY RAISED OVER $68,000....AND NOW HAVE OVER $223,000 IN THEIR SCHOLARSHIP ENDOWMENT....which means these scholarships will now pay $8,000 each!

    Should you have any questions concerning this, feel free to send an e-mail to Harry Corpening (President of the Alumni and Friends organization, and a member of the Class of '68) by clicking here ( * ).  Please make the subject line "Reunion Information."


    To have the specifics of your Class Reunion posted on this website, click here ( * )  to send an e-mail (with a subject line of "Reunion information") to Harry Corpening (webmaster) with such information as:
    * the date(s) of the Reunion
    * the contact info for the person(s) overseeing this Reunion
    * the specifics of the Reunion
    * the link to a web-site with this info (if there is such a website) 

    We will be happy to post this information onto our RJR Alumni website.


    Also, if you know of a Class (or group of Classes) that meets periodically during the year:  please send an email with that information about those gatherings to Harry Corpening by clicking here ( * ) ...and he will post that onto the Alumni website.


    Should you be organizing a Class Reunion:  You are welcome to use the data for your classmates that was collected during the research done for the last RJR Alumni Directory that was published.  To get this, click here ( * ) to send an email to Alumni President President Harry Corpening asking for it (and make the subject line "Reunion information").

    The Class Reunions we know of (and FYI: only the Classes we have ever been informed of having staged a reunion are shown below):
    * Class of 1958                                          
    * Class of 1961                                           
    * Class of 1962
    * Class of 1965                                   
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    * Class of 1979         * Click here ( * ) to return to the Alumni Homepage
    * Class of 2019                    
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