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    RJ Reynolds High School Alumni are VERY supportive of their Alma Mater!
    At the vast majority of high schools in this country...and in this state...and in this county, the alumni are rarely involved with their school.  However, at RJR, that is certainly NOT the case!  
    Each Spring for MANY years there have been two different $1,000 "awards" given out by the "RJ Reynolds High School Alumni and Friends" organization:
    * $1,000 scholarships offered to deserving Reynolds High School Seniors planning on attending college.  In most years, two scholarships were awarded (one being issued to a deserving male student, and one being issued to a deserving female student). "Deserving" students are those that have not only excelled in the classroom, but who also have had a well-rounded high school experience (and who have a financial need for assistance). The winners of these scholarships are determined by a committee established by the Principal.  It must be point out that the ability to award these scholarships is based solely on the amount of donations received by the Alumni for that purpose. 
    * $1,000 Teacher of the Year Award.  This award comes via a vote of all the teachers at RJR at the beginning of the School year.  The funds for this come from the RJR Alumni and Friends organization. 
    As stated earlier, the ONLY way for these awards and scholarships to be given out is for the RJR Alumni to receive enough funding each year to be able to do this.  Should YOU like to send in a donation to this cause:  mail your tax deductible donation (in the form of a check made out of "RJR Alumni...with the memo line saying "yearly awards") to: 
    RJR Alumni * PO Box 26172 * Winston-Salem, NC 27114. 
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